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‘Keep Eyes Off Of Profit If Crypto Company Leaders Want To Survive The Crypto Winter, And Build’: CEO Of Satowallet

With irregular price charts and intense devaluation market for cryptos, Samuel Ben suggests that company leaders must turn entrepreneurs, keeping away from profit for a while to pass through the rough crypto winter.

As we inch towards striking the new record for this being the longest reigning bear market of all times, there are some people who turn to the bright side of the story and can actually see what the half filled cup contains, to begin with instead of sensing that this is the end for the cryptos. The chief executive officer of SatoWallet Exchange, Samuel Ben suggests that time is not a thing to lose as with the devaluation market still on, we have time to plan magnificent future developing major projects whilst the cryptos lay in hibernation. This will reward us going into the future as this will aver further bear markets and similar cases of crypto hibernation, to such an extent that people start wondering whether future holds a place for the cryptos. This will also take maximum efforts from the investors and the company leaders who will, for the sake of the entire crypto market and for the sake of the existence of the cryptos, have to keep away from their personal benefits for the time being and focus over the overall benefit for the cryptos. The profit margins should be kept away form the discussion and the circle of critical focus. BlockPublisher got the chance to discuss this Samuel Ben and to extract some remarks from the very concerned person.

As cryptos lay in hibernation because of the bear market, we can build ways and leverages to escape the cryptos winters. The crypto world company leaders and investors will have to stop focusing over the profits for some time and build constructive long term projects which can in turn strengthen the entire crypto market.

The crypto investor and entrepreneur, Leanne Spicer bears a similar school of thought as she also is able to look on the decent side of things. She states that we are closing in on the records time for the longest bear market ever, there is much time for us to re-build and re-design the crypto market so as not to see these sort of devaluations again.

I’ve been involved with crypto for several years now and have seen many market fluctuations. This has been the longest bear market, but it gives us more time to keep building, investing, and hodling..

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