Karl Marx’s Utopia

If you pay close attention, you’ll come to see that Satoshi Nakamoto is Marx’s hero. If he were alive today, then he would have loved the living hell out of him, but only if he was able to find out who he/she is. It would have been a mysterious fantasy for our communist friend, Karl. Karl and Satoshi sitting on a tree…

By looking at the blockchain model and Karl’s theories you can see striking similarities, something my mind immediately went to when I was reading up on it. We have a fair clue to what our society might be headed towards.


Marx believed that a capitalist society was inherently unequal. He believed that at one point people would become fed up with the injustice and rise against the ruling power – or more fancily known as the bourgeoisie. This would result in a new economic and political structure for society.

It can be claimed that cryptocurrency was born out of the turmoil of the financial crisis of 2008. It could be assumed that Satoshi Nakamoto was somewhat motivated to surpass the given flawed financial system with a new, ‘revolutionary’ model. And, here we can see how much of it is aligned with the theories of Marx.

A classless society

The Marxist view strongly rejected the class system. They thought that with communism, the power will be distributed among all people and the role of government would soon come to an end. The ability of blockchain to be distributed makes it is transparent which means nothing can be hidden under covers. So, with no one entity governing all, this means that no certain set of people rule the others. This diminishes the class system and paves way for a truly classless society. The shift is already in play with people now choosing cryptocurrency instead of ait currency.

Down with the class structure

Marx always believed that there would be a revolution and with the blockchain technology we can already see one happening – but it is not the kind that Marx imagined. He knew that the gap would continue to grow and the more it grows the more significant it becomes. It will be more visible to people and this will fuel the fire to revolution.

We already know that in the world of cryptos everyone is treated equally; class is virtually non-existent. The owners and users are anonymous which level the playing field. The consensus-based structure involves everyone and brings us closer to Karl’s utopia of a modern-day classless society.

While Marx looks at us from the heavens, I’m sure he’d be proud. Though, he might not understand what we’re doing because the technology might be much beyond his understanding. *screams towards the sky* But you should know Karl that your plan is in play and we’re gonna make you proud!! We are just doing it our way.

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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