Justin Sun Jumps To Advertise Tron Network Following Afri Schoedon’s Criticism of Ethereum Blockchain

Tron Foundation CEO, Justin Sun has become the latest crypto personality to put forth his view regarding Afri Schoedon’s recent criticism of the limited capacity on the ethereum blockchain. Schoedon, manager at Parity Technologies, recently made a statement that stirred up quite some controversy, stating that developers should stop installing dApps on ethereum as they are left with limited capacity. Schoedon made these comments on Twitter:

Please stop deploying d-apps to Ethereum. We are running at capacity.

These statements by Schoedon were met with a vocal response from many crypto enthusiasts, some critical while others in support. But Tron founder Justin Sun took a different approach to have his say. He maximized on the opportunity to not only criticize ethereum, but also tout the Tron network and tell users to leave ETH for it. He put his response to Schoedon’s statement on Twitter as:

Yes! Please stop deploying d-apps to Ethereum and migrate to TRON network immediately! We are 100x faster than ETH and fully compatible with ethereum. We 100% guarantee better user experience!

It seems as though Sun is not the only proponent of Tron’s prospects. Speaking to BlockPublisher, major crypto analyst and LindaCoin advisor David Gokhshtein praised Justin’s perspective and claimed that he is building more than just a token. He said:

I’ve been saying this for months. Justin is not playing around. He’s building more than just a token/coin. He’s here to build an empire and take over.

It is not the first time that Sun has taken to social media to promote Tron and claimed for it to be better than ETH. In April, Sun tweeted a graphic making a comparison of Ethereum and Tron, suggesting that Tron statistically leaves Ethereum behind in several aspects. He tweeted:

Responding to Sun’s claim, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin suggested that Tron is only better at copying others’ at a higher efficiency.

Earlier, Schoedon’s comments were met with disagreement from Vitalik, who suggested that everyone should look into layer 2 solutions for blockchain to solve the scalability problem. He argued that there was still a lot of room on Ethereum blockchain for dApps to optimize. He said:

Most dapps have lots of room to gas-optimize, and even if *you* don’t your dapp running raises gas fees and pressures *others* to gas-optimize. There’s *plenty* of low-value spam on chain. And everyone should be looking into layer-2 solutions.

Buterin is yet to make a comment on Sun’s remarks, however, the two have some history taking thinly veiled jabs at each other. Earlier this month, Buterin commented that there was no room anymore for a 1000x growth for cryptos and when met with criticism, he responded to the media by telling them he will soon have no choice but to act like Justin Sun if people continued to spin his comments to their benefit. Sun immediately responded to Buterin’s comments by suggesting that cryptos will take over like a black hole and become the first $10 trillion market of the world.

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