Joseph Young Negates Ran NeuNer’s Sentiments About the Bear Market, Stating That It Might Still Be Going Strong

The bear market might still be around for some while as the crypto analyst and enthusiast, Joseph Young predicts. His predictions are not out of the blue or rather just based on some random fact. He negated the statement from founder of the Onchain Capital/Advisory, Ran NeuNer according to which NeuNer suggested that the bigger exchanges are searching out for tokens for major projects to be listed over their platform. This takes the turn as Young considers this as the sign that the bear is off to a fresh start as crypto exchanges intend to grow the crypto volume as it is on the low right now. This does strike as the better explanation for the recent happenings but it certainly is not a good omen for the fate of the crypto market as right after a crushing bear market, we are possibly on the verge of another bear disaster. BlockPublisher got to talk to Mr. Young about his remarks over NeuNer’s prediction and ho he thinks that the prediction is not likely to come true, rather an opposite trend is in the making.

The exchanges desperate to get to some project with tokens, to list is a direct hint that the bear market might still be strong. This means that the crypto volume has turned drastically low for the exchanges pushing them to go out digging out other crypto tokens to list into their platforms.

The crypto market has been destabilized by the recent rush of the bear trends and has jolted through the crypto fan base and users alike. Furthermore, form the prediction Young provides us with, there might come a time when the crypto extinction event knocks out doors. Though nothing can wipe out the cryptos altogether as the applications are spreading like a virus, a large number of cryptos will not see the light of another day.

As Young was simple and clear in his words while negating NeuNer, not everybody was as calm as he is. A crypto investor Jonathan Habicht stated that everything NeuNer states is 99% wrong and out of place.

Bear market is still strong because Ran said it’s over, he’s wrong 99% of the time.

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