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Jonha Richman Exclusive: Scaling Operations For Post-ICO Projects and Tokens

2018 was termed widely as the year of the ICO. There took place several ICOs over the past year as a multitude of new projects came into the crypto market cap. Not all projects came out to stand tall but even now the crypto market cap is seeing more and more tokens being added. As blockchain technology continues to take off, there is great certainty that the space will be flooded with newer projects by the day. Although their success factors have to be determined.

In that regard, blockchain influencer and marketer Jonha Richman provided generous advice to new blockchain based tokens and projects coming out as to how they can scale their products post ICO stage. Talking to Block Publisher, the winner of the 2018 top 25 worldwide blockchain influencers award had the following aspects to throw light upon:

1. Identify your key value proposition
Simplify the problems you’re looking to solve and communicate it in a way that the normal users or readers may understand and resonate with. Avoid using industry jargon that may alienate potential investors or customers. I work with projects to establish brand guidelines and messaging to narrow down the stories that matter to their target audience to avoid any mismatch in the communications strategy. This means that if a project aims to solve a consumer issue, all the messaging will be targeted towards how a particular company solves a specific consumer solution.
2. Run a test ad and double down on channels that convert the most
While it may sound obvious, a lot of companies make the initial mistake of pouring in ad dollars in marketing efforts and channels that do not necessarily work essentially ‘pushing’ for messaging that many of its target audience does not necessarily resonate with, in the first place.
One of my favorite ways to test the market and validate an idea is to run a Google ad containing the targeted keywords to see how the target audience react to the ads before even running a full campaign and messaging on a project. This helps gauge the interest and get a better real-world insight as to how the target audience reacts to the messaging which could then be better optimized for conversion.
Similarly, Facebook has a great suite of advertising and marketing insights that allows its users to drill down on important data and show which ad performed the most, which platform did the viewers click and engage with, and various other information which could then be used for re-targeting. Facebook Ads is one of the paid media channels that can help convert the most once optimized for growth.
3. Identify the key channels that will bring in the most conversion
There are 4 marketing spheres which many companies usually are conflicted with prioritizing and usually end up with half-baked strategy and execution. I recommend that companies that are in the post-ICO/STO stage shouldn’t FOMO on all channels and focus on those with the most impactful results.
To do this, companies need to look into what their successful competitors are already doing and see what whats works for them. Competitors analysis can help not only drill down on the most important initiatives but will also reveal what your competitors may be lacking and need to improve on.

Jonha has a wealthy history working with businesses and empowering them. In early 2018, she and her business partners built the traffic of a site from 0 to more than 60k visits per month within 2 months of its launch with key strategic partnerships and thorough competitor analysis. In 2013, she helped put together the 360-degree digital marketing strategy and implementation that helped achieve IKEA reach 35,000 stories and engagement written about the brand across various social media channels and reach 3.7 million in a span of 9 days in Singapore & Malaysia. 

Apart from being inducted in the top 10 females in crypto for 2017, the Blockchain projects she’s advising or collaborated with have been featured on Bloomberg, Cointelegraph, The Blokt, CCN.


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