Join Arms, Let’s Handle Our Unmet Corporate, Tech and Social Needs

Yes, my dearest Feminist squad, we have all heard and read stories about genius, brilliantly brazen women, entering the world of white and dominant male centered tech, investment and startup domains. The world of Silicon Valley. Yes, we loathe how women and minorities are not given representation and credit for what they achieve and build, (it only takes more than thrice the energy for them to do things in the world ruled by white male privilege after all). We loathe how people of color, are neglected in investment rounds, they rarely make through their elevator pitches, thanks to the (majority of) all white investors and mentors.

We have heard women sharing their workplace nuances like:

he offered to give me a massage (because he is a fucking pervert) ‘because I looked stressed,


tried to get me to watch a movie with him in a dark room with the door locked and blinds closed.

Being a woman in a sea of white men has never stopped women from entering the workforce and disrupting things though. History is marked by the people who brought change and disrupted lifestyles and common belief sets to begin with. The resistance and the rejection that the world gives them, is slowly forgotten by the world itself, condemning our fore-parents for being racist, sexist and naive is our favorite pass time hobby.

However, those oppressed do not forget (they ought not to).

We have come a long way through business models and corporate norms wise, (although we still have a great deal of ideological and financial structuralist battles to fight, locally and globally.) Just being able to enjoy a job (mostly underpaying anyway), is not a feminist choice. Being able to run, develop and monetize a business with adequate resources, mentors, exposure and capital is the way to go.

But, does that happen? In fact, when has it ever happened?

Every company has a way of muddling data on women in engineering, top management positions, human resource and branding roles. We need champions of humanities in bigger places, because in the age of losing importance, this is what can save the world from becoming a ruthless monster that eats itself out.

The solution you ask? Democracy. (Not how you think, please pause.)

We need products, firms, investment, ecosystems, mentor-ship, support and networking within women, to harbor a spirit of business by the women, people of color, all ages, all genders, all orientations; for the women, people of color, all ages, all genders, all orientations.

Diversity and Inclusion has been all the rave. But, whether this is just to cater to (Also known as, ‘selling to’) a gap in the market and making profits has a clear answer. The real question is, are women only a gap in the market? Is your sexuality just a gap in the market? Are you just a money minting press for corporate giants? For corporate giants, yes. In reality of things, No.

This can be done with the enormous potential that blockchain tech has opened to us. Blockchain crowdfunding, smart contracts, DAO’s and cryptocurrency payment solutions are just the way to go towards this. Women centered business operations are now a few errands away. No need to rely on traditional and dominant ad nauseam mechanics of the startup world.

So, if we need it, if we want it, we gotta make it! Because, no we do not have time to fix and clean after the mess of patriarchy in every fucking aspect of human life and interaction. We make our own rules, set our own limits and push them how we feel best.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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