John ‘McAfee’, the New Project Advisor for Cpollo

John McAfee, a computer programming enthusiast, business and the founder of the software company McAfee Associates (founded in 1987), has been annunciated as the Project Advisor for Cpollo. Cpollo is a ‘decentralized’ company dedicated to suggesting the most beneficial of financial advice to ICO developers who seek to raise funds and manage employees in their respective companies. The decentralized environment ensures the smooth processing of the ‘vetting process’ and the requirements for the developers in order to secure the funds and their designated goals.

John McAfee:

John McAfee. Source: Twitter

John McAfee, casually speaking, is the creator of the very first antivirus software, McAfee, which has been hailed as among the best to date. The company though changed its name to Intel Security in 2011, a long time after John resigned from his own company. The software caught so much attention and positive remarks that the name ‘McAfee’ stayed with the product even though the company ownership changed altogether. John has always been a die-hard fan of exterminating the digital threats that a system is prone to, which eventually led him to Cpollo. John states,

John bears a decent notion about the company as the company is destined to help the ones who are new to the complex system aiding them financially and proposing suggestions. As John states, Cpollo allows investors to discover new things about the blockchain technology, audit their tokens, can spectate the fundings of their from the ICO and allows the user to freeze or retrieve the capital that has faced some serious scam or hack.

What exactly is Cpollo anyway?

Cpollo is a company that offers guidance to the ICO devs who intend to initiate the crowdsourcing project over Cpollo. Cpollo incorporates the excessively popular technological structures around the crypto, the blockchains, to enable the developers to lead to a successful and transparent fundraising, sticking to the Cpollo platform to carry out the project. Cpollo offers its membership, the perks of which are helping out any current project that Cpollo works over. The company not only allows the fundraising incubation of other projects over the Cpollo protocol but in case one wants to put his/her own project over the platform, the company has set standards and regulations deciding the authorization of the newly proposed project. Hence, just like VCs help initiate a well-pitched great idea, the same is the case for Cpollo as it provides the platform and suggestions to raise capital.

Cpollo is the platform that nurtures a newly up-brought project and carries the initial burdens upon itself by confirming project premises and proposing latest ideas to help make the project an imminent success. The developers for the ICO would be allowed to give form to their very own templated ERC-20 token in order to conduct the ICO whereas the developers can use other supported tokens too, the likes of which include, NEM, Ether Classic, Stellar, Cardano, NEO, Waves and EOS. Cpollo provides adding the crypto dominant tokens for the ICO but Cpollo people are still putting their efforts on to getting other renowned token support overboard too.

The Cpollo platform caters for a number of avenues for a company. A startup can obtain initial advices from the company how to manage the human resources and expand globally over the world. The platform further enables the decentralized fundraising for the startup staying true to its ‘incubating’ behaviour. Cpollo allows the ICO projects the safest route to conduct the ICOs eliminating any adversities that threat to interfere ensuring ‘more probable returns on investments’ that the investors and customers pour in.

The major goal of the Cpollo team is to use their immense experience to produce a user-friendly ecosystem that can cater for newer participants, the ones who do not have any prior knowledge of the blockchain technology. The company accompanies the new user, allowing them the courtesy of investing into ventures and earn themselves cryptocurrencies owing to their personal talents.

What’s the take?

John McAfee has always been the computer-nerd who seeks to make the digital world a better place (his reason for coming up with McAffee antivirus). This quest of his has landed him to Cpollo, bearing the similar attitude towards the freshmen out there who do not know the complexity of the system. Adding such a grand personality can sure raise up the status of the company but can add up to the marketing norms of the company.

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