Johannesburg Authorities Will not Pay Bitcoin Ransom to Hackers

BlockPublisher recently told that the city of Johannesburg was under attack by hackers who after hacking the website demanded bitcoin ransom. While authorities are still unable to recover the website and control from the hackers, they are planning to not give the ransom i.e 4 bitcoins demanded by the hackers.

At the time of the attack, it was revealed that the group dubbed “Shadow Kill Hackers” was able to penetrate into the system and gain access to important and private information. After doing so, the hackers threatened to leak the information online if they didn’t receive ransom soon.

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While authorities at that time claimed to investigate the attack and restore the balance within the next 24 hours, even after several days they are still not able to revert back the damages executed by hackers. In addition to not paying hackers, authorities are quite confident in getting back the access of systems hacked by the group. Funzela Ngobeni, a councilor, who was firm on the decision of not paying hackers said:

The City has always taken a position against lawlessness of any nature and form. This cyber-attack is being seen not only as an attack on the City’s system — but as an attack on the people of our City.

Although authorities are optimistically hoping to solve the problem on their own, the threat given by hackers in the past should not be ignored, especially, if hackers are in possession of private and personal information regarding which the group stated:

If you don’t pay on time, we will ipload the whole data available to anyone on the internet. If you pay on time, we will destroy all the data we have, and we will send your IT a full report about how we hacked your systems and your security holes.

Following the ransomware attack by Shadow Kill Hackers, many systems of the city were substantially affected. E-services and call centers or customer service centers were the first to go down. On the other hand, internet services of the city library were also disturbed by the attack.

Bad actors in the space have been on the move since the inception of bitcoin as every now and then, a crypto hack or scam is successfully executed by them. The aforementioned practices of hackers not only undermine the repute of cryptos but also result in increased scrutiny over cryptocurrencies by regulatory bodies.

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