Jaxx Liberty Releases its iOS App

Jaxx Liberty, a multi-asset blockchain wallet to manage cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, has launched its iOS application for Apple iPhones and iPads on the fifteenth iteration of their 100 Days of Jaxx Liberty initiative. With the iOS release, Jaxx Liberty now provides a full set of application across all electronic devices – mobiles, desktops and everything in between.

Created by Anthony Di Lorio, co-founder of Ethereum, Jaxx Liberty gives access to the world’s biggest cryptos and offers support for seven major assets including BTC, ETH, DASH, ETC, BCH, REP, LTC, and thirty others. They announced the much-anticipated iOS platform release on Twitter in a post that read:

Day 15: You can now download #JaxxLiberty on #iOS. Available across #iPhone and iPad. Take it anywhere you go, and manage 70+ #Crypto all in 1 app.
#100DaysofJaxxLiberty #Announcement #NewRelease

After the announcement of Jaxx Android and Chrome extensions last month, Jaxx completes a full set of services across major platforms. Talking to BlockPublisher, the Jaxx Support team was duly delighted at the launch of the iOS app, stating that their main goal is to provide an infused experience across different platforms. They also revealed having started off with Jaxx Legacy and said:

We want to offer a unified experience across many platforms. With the iOS release we are building towards that goal. We started with Jaxx Legacy, that is available on 8 platforms, and we are continuing the same way with Jaxx Liberty.

Jaxx Liberty launched their #100DaysOfJaxxLiberty initiative on September 13, with the aim of providing updates, news, announcements, and community initiatives for the next 100 days and it has gathered great attention from the user base. Day 15 of the initiative confirmed the iOS app, but Jaxx believes that the 100 days program is just a part of a much bigger goal. The company stated:

With #100daysofjaxxliberty, our goal is to hit the ground running fast in uniting the blockchain ecosystem. We include highlights of our partner projects and why they’re awesome at what they do, but also direct announcements of new partners/features.

Jaxx Wallet provides a secure service to hold cryptocurrencies on users’ local devices. It does not collect any information while signing up and offers “permissionless access” to cryptocurrency. This gives users full control of the wallet and the ability to view every detail through purpose-built apps. It also gives susceptibility to hacks but Jaxx offers back up through a single master seed that is a string of random words that can help recover coins.

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