Jarrod Epps Explains the Difference Between Goldilock and Similar Service Proviers

Talking to BlockPublisher recently, the CEO of the project Goldilock, pointed out the major differences between Goldilock and similar service providers who claim to give a secure asset and data storage platform.

Blockchain is becoming subjected to redundancy day by day by the wide spread start-up wave, which might be a positive sign in terms of adoption but is also limiting the utility and new ideas. There are a lot of scams, ideas are being stolen and people are putting their money into stolen ideas without investigating much into the project’s stand out points and utility. For better investments, for better utility, for more ideas to slide into the technology, people should be aware of what they’re investing into and how the particular start-up stands out from the rest similar service providers. Identifying this issue, Jarrod Epps, the CEO of Goldilock explained the points which differentiated Goldilock from other services.

The main feature that he pointed out was the one which boosted the network’s security. He said that the clients on the network were connected for a very short period of time, which eliminated the threat of any hacks, or security breaches.

Talking to BlockPublisher, he said,

The major difference between Goldilock and other storage mechanisms is that our network is never connected online, and client storage nodes themselves are only connected online for very short usage periods.  As well, the command trigger to bring nodes online is not made over the internet, and is instead done over an analogue system.

The project seems to be suitable for individuals as well as institutions, as the system is immune of hacks and provides top level security, which is the feature that makes the project stand out from the rest. Further explaining the system’s encryption and overall security protocols, the CEO stated,

Essentially, we allow data to be kept offline and hidden from hackers.  During the short times the system is online, we use institutional-level security, including username, password, 2FA, and encrypted channels accessing encrypted nodes for individual users.

The utility and the additional features that Goldilock provides are simply exemplary for other start-ups for giving the users more attractions, otherwise the wave of start-ups that is going to hit blockchain might wipe away the redundant projects if they don’t get creative.

Shehryar Hasan

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