It’s Happening! These Mega Brands Are Building On The Blockchain

Hello to our beautiful readers! We have some good news.The blockchain has taken the financial world by storm, finally! Things are getting serious and real. The blockchain development is underway at some of the biggest companies in the world. Isn’t that exciting? In no time, there will be mass adoption. Something we’ve all be dreaming for a very long time!

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We bring you some of the biggest brands with confirmed projects that use the awesome blockchain technology. Let’s get into it, shall we?


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A provisional patent filed by Apple describes a blockchain system specifically designed to verify and create timestamps that will be used to combat hackers and certify digital signatures. The patent describes that idea is to created a secure timestamp on the blockchain ledger.

The idea is, the moment a miner solves a puzzle related to the new block. The exact time would become a part of the blockchain. Since, there is a distributed consensus and if there is an attempt to alter the blockchain by a malicious node in terms of the time it will be immediately detected by honest nodes.


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It’s known for being as one of the top buyers and investors in the blockchain startup companies. But, now the tables have turned and Google has started to work on its very own blockchain protocol.


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Porsche is one step ahead from them all! The company has successfully used and tested the blockchain technology in its vehicles. The use cases outlined by Porsche include faster data transfers, secure vehicle access, transparent data and autonomous driving.


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Our favourite retailer in the world is on its way to design a “smart package” blockchain system that’s described in a patent filed. It describes a device that will be monitoring the package’s journey and along with it there is a “delivery encryption system which compromises a blockchain for the package tracking and it’s authentication.” The patent also highlights the importance and need to ensure that online customers receive their items in a secure way, especially when the item needs to be shipped in a controlled environment.


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We are huge fans of coca-cola and we’ve become even bigger fans after hearing how this beverage giant is working towards a humanitarian cause. It’s working with the U.S state department to build a blockchain ledger which is designed to put an end to forced labor across the world. Coca-Cola has explored multiple blockchain projects to find the best one for the cause. Nothing says better about a company which is willing to contribute towards the betterment of our society!

All these big giants are working on one thing or the other, using the blockchain technology. This means there is hope! Blockchain uses won’t be all hypothetical anymore, they’ll become a reality with the help of these huge companies. Something we’ve all been waiting for desperately!

What do you think? Will the blockchain technology adopted by the masses after the biggest companies in the world have adopted it for real?


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