It’s Easy-Peasy To Use Cryptocurrency!

Crypto is the probably the best monetary system that has ever existed. It has countless benefits and it’s the most trending currency of today.

But, nothing matters if crypto isn’t being used in the real world. What’s the point of crypto anyway if you can’t go on an online shopping spree huh? Shopping is fun, exciting and is the best therapy!

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The question remains, is it really possible to use your crypto for everyday purchases? Yes it is! There are platforms which have made it possible to use your crypto for everyday transactions. Isn’t that exciting and a relief?

Metal Play

It’s a party in the U.S.A! That’s right! Metal Play is functional only in the United States, where it’s an effective bank. Anyone can open up their fiat account. It’s like any other bank. However, where they are different from other banks is in its association with the cryptocurrency token, MTL.

When a user makes regular purchases using the Metal Play card or app (soon to be released,) the user will earn MTL tokens through a system called Proof of Processed Payment (PoPP.) The idea behind it all is quite genius, this way new coins will be created and distributed who use their system.

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Metal Play have their fingers crossed that a time will come when MTL will be a currency just like the rest. This way the users will buy whatever the hell they want with MTL. Since, MTL is an ERC-20 token you can always exchange it with other currencies until the day comes where you can spend MTL directly.

Pundi X

Pundi X is a platform which is ambitious as hell! It is a payment processor for merchants that makes it easy and possible to receive cryptocurrencies. They have launched a device that is at a counter (we can presume it’s by the cash counter ok?) and this is where users can interface with their platform by using RFID chips or QR codes.

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They have many future plans as well to make the lives of the crypto-lovers easier. They plan to have self-checkout machines and other tools and facilities to have a much smoother consumer retail purchasing process. Pundi X has distributed their systems across the world which means they have tested their systems and they are working just fine.

Living Room of Satoshi

It’s actually a bill payment system that is only unfortunately available in Australia. It’s a platform that has built a very good reputation for itself and seriously needs to be everywhere! It started out with Bitcoin, back in the time when Bitcoin was the only crypto in the market. But, they’ve been smart and they have kept developing and evolving with the needs of the crypto-world. Now they accept a dozen of common cryptocurrencies.

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Surprisingly, it doesn’t charge a fee. They make their profits on the exchange rate between the crypto and Australian dollars. So, if you’re thinking to pay some bills your money won’t be going as high as it would if you have paid it directly in fiat currency. But, all services one way or the other charge for convenience, right? It isn’t a cause of serious concern anyway. A user can pay their rents and other stuff with this platform, and it brings you closer to your crypto than ever!

Do you know more platforms that provide services for cryptocurrency?

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