Italian Wine Producers Jump Aboard The Blockchain Train Using MyStory™

The best thing about blockchain technology is that it’s unique applications can be applied in any industry, especially in terms of enhancing a company’s sustainability quotient. With blockchain technology already making waves in the retail industry, it wasn’t long before other producers and manufacturers wanted in on the action too!

Ever wondered just where the pre-packaged food you and your family eat actually comes from? Is it locally sourced? Is it made using sustainable solutions? And most importantly, is it safe?

These are questions that might have gone across your mind one time or another. Now, pioneering in the digital assurance industry, My Story™ has partnered up with three wine makers from Italy in order to produce three unique wines, each with it’s own digital identity.

“From Grape to Bottle”

This technology ensures that consumers can view accurate and verified information or story behind the production of their favorite wine simply by using a QR code.

Wine makers, Ruffino, Ricci Curbastro and Torrevento are collaborating with My Story™ and aim to start providing absolute transparency regarding not only the origins of the raw materials used but also track the progress of the wine during packaging and distribution.

For further insights and information, one simply has to access the linked DApp where they can even look at the locations of grape selection and follow the wine’s entire timeline from start to finish.  Apart from this information, consumers can also access recommendations on the optimum times to consume the wines.

Leading blockchain provider, Vechain is behind this venture in association with DNV GL and is working to ensure that My Story™ is not only a public and decentralized platform but can also be an extremely affordable and highly scalable venture in the future.

The back stories are also DNV GL certified by certification experts in the food and beverage industry as they engage with the producers and keep an eye on the data as it is sourced.


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