It Is 2019, Nothing Is Off The Table Anymore, Here’s Why We Can’t Have Bitcoin

It is 2019, Nothing is off the table anymore. Well, this was established back in the day when Donald Trump was elected that NOTHING, is off the table anymore, remember the correspondent’s press dinner at the White House, throwing it back to that!

So yeah, it is years later and nothing has changed, it has only gotten better and better (for the trolls).

December 2018’s last week in news really makes you think if this world is fit for genius ideas like cryptocurrency and blockchain or not. Here’s a recap of our sanity as a global race, we can be a little easy, considering it was the holiday season, but nonetheless:

  • If you’re wondering why the bear exists, on a standard Toblerone wrapper, it’s because the area of Switzerland where Toblerone is made is famous for its bears. Does this mean that nobody paid attention before? Or were the swiss too busy with managing their riches?

  • People thought New York’s mysterious blue light was an alien invasion. Wow, America! Mars landing and still no luck finding aliens you love so much? Good luck NASA. Also, ever wondered why these aliens always come to New York first? But well, It’s 2019 – nothing is off the table anymore. It was actually the result of a transformer explosion at a power plant in Queens. People who believe the aliens’ story can also believe that cryptos are a big Illuminati plan and of course Satoshi had a Masonry tattoo.

  • YouTube ‘ time-traveler’ claims he is revealing what will happen in the future to ‘expose the government’. These include Martin Luther King Jr’s granddaughter being elected president of the United States, that at least 10 Asian nations will join forces to create a superpower and that in 2019 North Korea will begin to plug people into computers. He also complained his profession is given no respect. If these people can complain, then well, the very legit and truly amazing professions like those of crypto traders and tumblers should wait.

  • The US government shutdown shows no sign of ending, as Democrats and Republicans continue to disagree over funding for Trump’s border wall. But while they argue, many government employees are being “furloughed”, meaning they’re not being paid. That is more than 420,000 employees, according to NBC. The sample letters for employees who are struggling with paying rent and bills suggested that officials can barter with their landlord for lower rent. Bottom line: If fiat means nothing to people then, will crypto ever? That is a big question mark!

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