Is Luna Lunatic?

Internet, Sit-coms, Reality television and pop culture has helped in shaping patterns of dating everywhere. Yes we have all read the crap that these so-called women’s and men’s lifestyle magazines tell us. Yes, we know how non-progressive and disgusting it could be, and yet it sells like hot cakes.

This means that it is okay to date in most countries. It is easier to date at a young age, the taboo is lifted, the age of consent is established and things are welcomed without the approvals of the whole community first. This starts a new wave of efforts of human beings that show that we are able to devote huge time and energy to finding the right partner now. We can afford it.

Therefore, Luna wants to “remake dating culture”. It wants to fix any loopholes still present in the dating spheres considering it is such a dissatisfying industry.

Using our online interactions, it would like see what makes dates tick, other than the obvious good interaction, solid display photos and precise and least careless dating profiles. It is bringing in social psychologist into the data to understand what makes a successful match.

Then privacy may be a problem as seen on the blockchain based businesses before, the concerns of the records being public stem up, then scalability and adoption also may become big hurdles for Luna to work it’s magic. It’s white paper says:

Luna is not a service or a place, like Tinder or a bar. Luna is a method, and a method which can be continually improved using techniques like A/B testing, until it is genuinely producing better lives for people

By using blockchain technology, the data will be first anonymised then given to open researchers, who will be able to design algorithms to match couples. Social psychologists will then use all the interactional data to spot patterns that could lead to “higher-fidelity matches”.

The times of the omnipresent big data can help us know ourselves better. Dating should not be just based on communication and expression, it should be heart felt, even if it is temporary or it has a shelf life it should bring happiness and not exhaustion and misery for users. Luna is working to add quality in to the experience giving people what they deserve.

This is adding the money factor to the whole experience and putting a price tag on finding love, but who knows this just might be the solution to our love pains. Plus an empty heart will go to any bounds and do whatever it takes to find the one.

Let’s see what this brings and if the problems are actually solved under this model any better than Tinder or the female-centric Bumble.

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Khunsha Javed

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