Is It Possible to Travel Around The World With Cryptocurrency Only?

Is it possible to travel around the globe with only cryptocurrencies to spend? Yes, it is possible! Not only is it possible, Felix Weiss has done this. Felix Weiss is a crypto programmer who set out on a journey, which took him to 27 countries and 50 cities on January 12, 2015. To embark on such a stretched expedition a lot of money was required but he had only 200 euros in cash to spend. All the rest of services that he acquired throughout his journey were paid for with cryptocurrencies. However, this was three years ago and compared to back then the popularity of cryptocurrencies has increased by leaps and bound.

At the time it was a small, very small but vibrant community around bitcoin

recalled Weis in an interview with Forbes.

It was only in 2017 that it grew to a much larger audience

Amongst these digital nomads as Forbes calls them, there is Gili Gershonok, a 34-year-old who calls the world her home.

There are so many benefits of holding crypto over bank accounts and traditional financing

It sets your mind to this idea of being decentralized

Since Felix Weiss, a number of ‘Wanderlusters’ have taken to travel the world using the decentralized currency. The number of companies and corporations that have taken to accept the digital currencies is growing everyday, but still relying completely on your digital wallets is no less than a challenge.

To keep up with the changing trends a lot of companies and corporations have started accepting bitcoins to support their customers. Many of them exist online catering to the financial needs of people, holding digital wallets. PayPal also made a deal with Bitcoin payment processing companies. They are enabling customers to pay for purchases using bitcoin, however, if you are looking to travel, multiple services have been developed to accommodate your needs.

If you are looking to commute or fly to another country, there are travel agencies that can hook you up with flight tickets in exchange for digital currency. Cheapair.com was one of the first online travel agency that started accepting bitcoin in exchange for its services. Destinia.com, which is a Spanish travel agency, also accepts bitcoin, so is ABitSky.com, is one of the websites that accepts bitcoin as payment. AirBaltic is another that came in to the fold also started accepted Bitcoin in 2014.

In addition, Felix Weiss told Forbes that he used the app CoinMap to pay for food in restaurants that accepted bitcoin. CoinMap is an application that lets you know if any of the shops in your area accept bitcoin. This app could be instrumental for you if you are looking to survive on digitized currency only

There are intermediary ways to purchase stuff with cryptocurrencies too. The main idea is that they pay for the things you want to buy and you can give them cryptocurrency in exchange for that. For example, there is a website which is an online gift card shop, eGifter.com, that lets you buy bitcoin gift cards for airlines like American AirlinesDelta, and Southwest Airlines. Gyft is another example of such a gift card shop. This is not limited to purchasing airline tickets only, you could also get coupons for food and hotels.

Even though many companies are accepting cryptocurrencies, the threat of cryptocurrency losing its value still looms over the heads of people who have invested in cryptocurrencies. A lot of researchers and analysts have expressed their disapproval by deeming the currencies unstable. The owner of Walmart, Warren Buffet has openly expressed his dislike for the cryptocurrency saying,

“It will come to a bad end.”

Vanguard founder and father of the first index fund, Jack Bogle, said at Council on Foreign Relations event;

 “There is nothing to support Bitcoin except the hope that you will sell it to someone for more than you paid for it,” he said.

Henceforth it is concluded that one can travel and live off cryptocurrencies. There are airlines to get tickets, hotels to stay and restaurants where you can eat. Felix Weiss even convinced a Turkish paragliding company to accept cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, there are cases of misfortune too and there are places that have yet to catch up with the changing trends. So it yet remains to be seen that, is the hustle worth it?

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