Is BNB Worth HODling?

2018 has been a rough year for all the HODlers! I think we’ve said enough. The more we talk about it, the more it hurts because we all know how the crypto-market has been this year. Now all sorts of questions are rising up, especially in the minds of the HODlers.

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“Is HODing still worth it or just a complete waste of time and money?”

After all these red and bitter months. We don’t blame them! It looks like we’ve reached the bottom. Maybe. Nobody knows what’s going to happen at this point.

It’s pretty obvious no one wants to sell low, that’s just really bad trading strategy. Nonetheless, its super important to analyze the market and assess if the asset you’ve invested in will shoot to the sky in the long run?

If you’ve been hodling some BNB, then you’re in luck! Since, we believe BNB is totally worth hodling!

Chasing The Big Bucks

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There is a joint venture in the block! The Liechtenstein-based exchange LCX is in venture with Binance. LCX is an exchange that targets institutional investors, they provide all the institutional-grade services, requirements and products in terms of security and liquidity needed by these instituitions, makinking it possible for these organization to invest in the crypto-verse.

Top Exchange

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The truth is Binance has been one of the worlds number one crypto exchange for the past few months. It has had the highest number of actove users and transaction volumes. The popularity of the exxhnage is risin every day rapidly and seems to be unstoppable. There were 240,000 new users in an hour recently, which is why Binance has to close new registrations because they couldn’t hire sufficnient servers to support the traffic moving through the exchange.

Fiat To Crypto

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Binance is now super into boarding fiat transactions on its exchanege. For now they rely on others to that for them. But, the game is about to change. It’s now planning to have 3 fiat crypto-gateways and the exchange is confident that it will exceed to 10 by 2020. It’s an exchange with an ambition and we like that!

Binance DEX Is In Process

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The CEO of Binance firmly believes that decentralized exchanges are the future. He is not willing to miss out and he has a committed team working on developing Binance DEX. There is no set date yet, we don’t know when it will be released. All we know is that it going to be released by the end of 2018 or maybe early 2019. It’s just around the corner. It can happen any day now. We’re excited to see what Binance has for us in store.


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Binance is on the move and it has no plans to stop. It’s trying to capture institutional capital, on its way to create fiat crypto-gateways globally and is up for launching another decentralized exchange. These are all reasons enough to build a strong case for BNB, as to why it’s a good token to hodl. Even though we are all well aware how the times are rough for the financial industry.

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