Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? It’s Apple On Blockchain!!

Luckily mainstream is not a bad word when it comes to blockchain. Mainstream recognition is what the crypto world has been dying to receive. Bitcoin has made some wonders in the finance market, one of it’s most recent and greatest on being the fact that JP Morgan, one of the largest financial firms in the United States, want to launch it’s own stablecoin.

Everyone is now waiting for a response from these big tech giants which obviously includes Apple as well. We have our doubts on Apple that they might be up to something behind the scenes. We always come with proof so here are few instances that has led us to believing that Apple is cooking something related to blockchain.

A love affair in SEC square

So recently Apple submitted a filing with SEC i.e. Securities and Exchange Commission and it is ASSUMED that this is THE document; the one that contains the details about this huge organization and that they are trying to work on blockchain technology. If anything like this turns out to be true then this could be a catalyst for the crypto space in its bear market.

Apple; the internal committee chairman

So there is news that the company chaired the internal committee and the board of RBA in 2018. This also included the blockchain team and this inclusion has led many to assume that maybe the meeting was mostly related to blockchain technology.

Signatures, signatures and more signatures!

So it appears that Apple has also filed a patent with the United States Patent Trademark Office. The application mentions creating an application which could certify the timestamps using the blockchain technology. If this application gets approved then Apple would be launching it first product that supports blockchain technology.

It’s a competitive world

Another reason why Apple is being pushed into collaborating with the blockchain technology is because of other tech competitors. Slowly and surely  many huge companies are taking an interest which also include Apple’s old rival Microsoft. Their collaboration with Bakkt might be stirring something.

Moreover, Facebook just bought a company called Chain space and even the CEO of Twitter admitted having a fair share in the bitcoin market. Since all of its competitors are out there making their move, it can be assumed that Apple has something in mind too.

And, with all of this information we can assume that Apple is trying to jump the blockchain bandwagon. If the predictions get true then it will indeed be very fruitful for the crypto-space and if not, we’ll see how long can Apple resist the blockchain temptation.


Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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