Internet Money: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tokens Are The New Real Money!

But, there is more to blockchain gaming than the protection for the maker. Arcade games used to be installed in cafe’s, pubs, bars and arcade zones so that people would buy tokens, just like casinos people spent a lot of money and time there. Blockchain has given us some major throwbacks to the good old arcade gaming!

All kinds of games take a lot of money to develop, distribute, create and popularize. Piracy via torrenting programs, game replication over the black markets, stealing, smuggling and sharing illegally makes it a very problematic industry. Blockchain is a solution for it, and game devs are loving it.

Maple Story, was a free-to-play game with micro-purchases . The free-to-play streaming platforms, are in reality not so free. This is because of their in-app purchases. It was a hit, plugged the deficiencies in the Korean market, and signalled the start of a huge movement all over the world, and went on to reach over 100 million players. It entered the zeitgeist in a really big way, from obscure role-playing games about medieval knights to virtual world Second Life, and even corporate-backed entries like Disney’s ToonTown Online.

Released back in 2004 where an average millennial would be well, listening to Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus from her Disney days, World of Warcraft came out and suddenly it was everywhere. It is arguably the most successful, massively multiplayer online role-playing game of all time, at its peak it had upwards of ten million users in the game. With its money you can do some crazy shit, like spit fireballs, play with food, get more mines, get more battle power and win more WoW gold.

Tradeable outside the game. secondary markets outside of the game. It’s normal to purchase tools, skins, even meme-tastic dances in games, and for there to exist secondary markets outside of that game where people trade items.

Value could be digital. Digital value could be safe, reliable and transparent.

We are not saying that the so-called and though real money is for the suckers, but that paper based printed real money is not for games. Not for the best ones yet at least.

Blockchain also allows for things and ideas like the CryptoKitties or Spells of Genesis, to come out. These are built around non-fungible, one-of-a-kind assets validated in their uniqueness by immutable records on the blockchain .

Decentraland are built on Ethereum as a currency, where you can buy plots of land and build your own virtual neighborhoods. There are governments in control, you pay taxes, when you grow, you can collect taxes, you can make a whole lotta money yo! That can also translate to real money! Internet Money Is The New Money!

Khunsha Javed

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