Innovators, Filmmakers and Engineers Attn, Your Livelihood is at Stake!

Can we take a brief minute of your time, for your own good? Thankyou!

Dear filmmakers, blockchain artists and blockchain engineers, we urge you to fulfill our hearts desire that shall reap lots of profits for you and your companies. You might as well catch the attention of big Hollywood names dying to improve their script searching and film development systems, to improve audience returns to movie theaters as soon as you hit the market.

Or if you are lucky and rightly branded then way before you begin your testings.

Hearing about the Black Panther’s baby sister Shuri will be the protagonist of yet another Marvel creation. That was long due. Who does not love a badass superhero girl. In light of all the fierce women related things happening everywhere, this is legit right? Called for!

But, who decides when is it the right time to launch an idea, that is right in itself, and that if it will sell and appeal to many or not?

There are algorithms, equations, machines, analysts and operators to look into it. But, nothing until today has been adequate. Nothing has been able to tell us what the most perfect recipe for a blockbuster movie will be despite the big data efforts put in.

In light of what blockchain has been able to accomplish and the scope of decentralised business organisation brings out the opportunity to pull together an unbiased and an unfuckablewith software that can then engage which movie will be a hit and make millions even before it is launched, or made. Or in some case, after the first show.

The world is becoming intelligent. Our traditional powerhouses are too. All of this effort to build awesome reliable machines and software and there is still a thing called monetary risk? SUCKS!

Producers should not have to worry about losing their money. Producers, if they stop worrying about the risk then imagine the kind of extra ordinary movies that will begin to come out. People will make profitable movies, affect public perception in the most creative ways and will change what we though of cinema ever. Everything will become optimal.

For niche audiences, niche-cult movies will be made, they will be profitable too. New systems of profiteering from cinema can be devised and just like music the industry eventually can be decentralised too.

Wow what times to live in. Imagine craving something and it just happens right away! Imagine urging your hollywood production house to cover an idea and it goes ahead after running it through its system and your movie gets made! What wonderful times to be alive in!

Kids could make movies, at least call for them this way! imagine the good life. Imagine the future!

So who is making this happen? Anyone?

Let us hook you up with the right people!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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