Initiative Q Might be a Scheme to Draw Money from People, Suggests Creator of Doge Coin

The creator of Doge coin seemed to be pretty negative relating to the Initiative Q referral scheme and shared his views on twitter saying that Initiative Q might be a scheme that would use their huge mailing list that they’re forming through the referrals to draw money from people for scams. He tweeted,

My take on “Initiative Q”: classic pyramid / referral scheme to build a huge mailing list of fools that can be drawn from in the future for more nefarious purposes. There are no guarantees they won’t ask people for money in the future, once their huge mailing list is built.

Initiative Q is one of the names which is circulating a lot now a days on twitter because of their currency giveaway scheme through referral methods. The scheme has proven to be excellent for marketing to say the least and has caught everyone’s eye, from company CEOs to general public alike. Peter Atomic, the CEO of Resonate also shared on his twitter that he logged into Initiative Q out of curiosity and had invites for people. Similarly, in order to get more of the currency, people are referring the weblink to their friends and family. The webpage, once logged in after the invite is confirmed, says,

The generally positive Jackson Palmer seemed to be very skeptical about this scheme. He further let his angst out saying,

If you’re sharing the link and referring people to it under the guise of “all they take is your email address, what is there to lose?” and in 12 months one of those people who is less savvy than you hands over actual money or more personal data – that’s on you.

The webpage is spreading like fire on twitter with everyone sharing it for referrals to gain points. It might be a bold statement to make as of yet if the project is a scam. The opinion of Jackson might be weighted with the scams that are already happening in crypto, especially on twitter’s crypto community. People are raising scam ICOs, making fake accounts of celebrities to get people to send them money, and other scam projects. With all this happening in the crypto space, it isn’t hard to understand the perspective of Jackson Palmer.

Shehryar Hasan

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