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Infotech Baltika Will Use Blockchain To Speedup Port Services

Infotech Baltika is a Russia based company that provides cargo transportation services in 14 ports of the Russian Foundation, hosting around 3000 ship calls annually. The services include cargo logistics, terminal operations, transportation of any type of cargo, fleet and terminal management.

Recently, in a press release, the company announced its partnership with blockchain startup Iconic.

The project will use blockchain to convert the ship’s document flow into electronic form. This will reduce traditional paper work as well as ensure transparency and efficiency. The document explains that typical cargo terminal services such as calling a pilot, a tugboat, and a vessel’s parking, will be ordered and tracked electronically in the system using the port employees’ digital interface. Not only will this save time but also reduce load on the employees.

The saving of time is a major plus point of conversion from paper to digital record keeping. The project will reduce the time of port operation procedure from 4 hours to 25 minutes and port vessel handling by 20-60 minutes combining to increase port capacity by 3-5%.

Alexander Muller, General Director of Infotech-Baltic JSC had the following remarks on the recent development:

“We strive to develop our technological advantage in the industry and provide our customers with the most advanced solutions. At the moment, this is the blockchain technology, which allowed us to solve the problem of improving the quality of services provided, ”

One more success for blockchain in the sphere. The world is slowly revealing the gold mine (figuratively and literally) of a technology this could become in coming years.

Photo by Shaah Shahidh on Unsplash

Sarim Mehmood

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