India is Progressing at the Speed of Light in the Bitcoin World

India gets its very own blockchain school!

India might be trying to wage a war against us but we have to commend how fast they are working through the blockchain technology. India is building it’s own blockchain school, which will be blockchain-based as well as a learning ground for all the blockchain developers. Although, India is commonly known for its Bollywood, the technological advances tend to get overshadowed but not this time.

The subsidiary of the crypto project, Emurgo has recently aimed to develop, support and incubate commercial startups following the launch of a blockchain academy in India to train more than 2,500 blockchain developers.

Rumor has it that Emurgo has established its academy for blockchain in India and now are gearing up to start training 2,000 developers by the end of this year. Their goal is to collaborate with around 200 institutions in the nation THIS YEAR in India, including places like Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Chennai all before 2020.

They have a clear blue print of what they want to do. The team will be starting it’s full-time program somewhere in April 2019. It will have several online and offline courses.

The whole program will run for 175 hours and is designed for developers. But don’t fret if you are new to coding because they have something in store for you as well. The training will be conducted by blockchain-based small and medium companies as well as equipped experts in the blockchain space.

Though most will argue that technology is new and coming up with such ventures is risky but it is worth noticing that it is being adopted very rapidly. It is being adopted in different sectors around the globe. Fintech and medical care are great use-cases for this.

Since blockchain is spreading out like wildfire, there is a high demand for it. Despite the big demand, the supply seems to be low. There is a significant shortage in the number of professionals as well as people who don’t fully understand this technology.

The mind behind this project has stated very clearly that this project is focused on training blockchain developers that can fill the DLT gap in SMEs, as the startups will not have the budget to train these employees internally. Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be many learning spaces, especially in a place like India, where people could enhance their skills.

There is potential but there are no tools. And this is what the blockchain academy will be doing, they will provide the blockchain world with the right tools that could help push this technology to its heights.

However, you might think this is the first time something like this is happening but back in September, PwC was looking to train 1,000 of its workers in blockchain and other technologies.

Emurgo’s efforts are appreciation worthy but it is important to note that this platform isn’t the first to come up with something like this. This tells us how we have to wait before the problem of the lack of DLT developers is fully solved.


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