In what aspects Bitcoin Cash is better than Bitcoin itself?

The brutal crypto civil war.

Bitcoin Cash was initially a further part or fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, the two have been in severe competition; the civil war.

Although the Bitcoin was one of the most valued cryptocurrencies, which was assumed that it could not be outrun by others, the situation at hand now comprehends that Bitcoin Cash has done the deed.

But how exactly is Bitcoin Cash better than Bitcoin itself? You might as well be surprised.

Transaction Speed

Bitcoin Cash has a transaction speed of 10 seconds with 0-conf

Bitcoin has an average transaction speed of 10 minutes. Not to mention how long it would take once the mempool crowds by transactions because of 1MB blocksize limit.

Transaction Cost

Bitcoin Cash transaction cost about USD 0.003 per byte

Bitcoin transaction also costs USD 0.003 per byte, but the rate remains high because the blocks remain full.

Merchant Adoption  

Bitcoin Cash has multiple tools that make Merchant adoption an effortless task, that too within 10 seconds. It is the sort of trust and confidence a merchant would need to be satisfied with their experience.

Whereas for Bitcoins, the payment confirmation process is mandatory, which is time taking. It usually consumes about 10 minutes, however just recently, it has been known to take days as well. Even though lightning networks tend to improve this, the real procedure of ‘purchase’ remains challenging as it may need a user manual every time you want to avail of the services. Also, the cashiers may need to be tech experts to be able to process the transactions. To say the least, it might just be useless in the world we live in today.

Mining – DAA (Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm)

The DAA feature of Bitcoin Cash helps to maintain a predictable mining experience with a stable network throughout the transactions. It does this by ensuring that each day, 144 blocks are mined. If they were mined in less than a day, then the system would adjust to make it difficult, thus ensuring it mines the fixed amount of blocks within a day.

However, for Bitcoins, this adjustment is made at every 2016 blocks or every two weeks. It may end up clogging the mempool during traffic or may even shift to Bitcoin Cash if it can.

The ultimate Vision

Bitcoin Cash envisions a free economic world, accessible to all; the poor and the ones without banks-Satoshi’s Vision as well.

Bitcoin envisions to regulate global currency and profit from it with their own solutions like the Lightning Network. Also, this is not for everyone i.e., the poor.

At the end of the day, what matters the most is the adoption rate. Bitcoin Cash has been blooming in adoption rates due to improvements made with the moral integrity it envisions. Thus, it no longer comes as a surprise why Bitcoin Cash is ahead of Bitcoin now.



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