“In The Past 10 Years, Bitcoin Resurfaced Back From Six 70% Drawdowns, Emerging Back Even Stronger”, Says Jason A. Williams

The founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Jason A. Williams brings his word to the public branding bitcoin as not only the most resilient crypto of all but the most resilient monetary resource of all time. According to Jason, bitcoin has been pushed into the ground six feet under only for the crypto to catch the straw and emerge out even sturdier. There have been a record six of 70% devaluation events for bitcoin, the recent being the prolonged bear market for the entire crypto world. Though we have seen bitcoin resurfacing up from the six of the worst drawdowns in the crypto chronology of its, we certainly cannot put any criteria to the trends that bitcoin will follow in the coming future. BlockPublisher attempted successfully in extracting some relevant words from the concerned person, who had some very pleasing words for the crypto, that is, bitcoin.

Tracing back to the drawdowns (a critical 70%) for bitcoin which were six of them, we witness the resurgence from the Bitcoin side which is rarely seen in anything. Bitcoin has not only levelled up its previous stature after these events, it has taken the stakes much higher for its next comeback. Though this cannot measure the manner with which Bitcoin will dance on the charts, it is too interesting to ignore.

Bear markets have not only caused only and primarily bitcoin to resurface back in a much stronger way, the entire crypto market has a similar tendency to fight back to higher supreme monetary levels. This kept in mind, the crypto market can never be killed as the more bruises the cryptos take, the wounds heal swiftly increasing the overall immunity and the strength.

Jason attempts his chance at grasping he future statistics for bitcoin that we can pick out this queer yet magnificent piece of fact that bitcoin never fades as it is served with a temporary jolt, no matter how damaging it is. As we have seen bitcoin never backing down while the greatest of bear markets sustained, we are likely to witness a similar behaviour from the greatest crypto to ever circle our wallets, bitcoin.

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