If You Were A Young and Wild Crypto Lover, This Would Be Your Average Day

Imagine it’s Saturday, no school, no pending work, you are free and yet you feel like doing something. Whether you are under the California Sun or the Canadian cold, Life is Gooood!

The spirit of youth has got you covered.

No lazy days is your mantra. There ain’t no time for wasting.

SO, you grab that phone of yours, pull out an app, scroll, scroll, scroll. This is just to get your juices worked up, before you can start some Saturday Hustle. The back of your mind works on what to do and how to organize things, it scribbles together a quick to-do list and you are quickly reminded to check the stats of the day.

Nah, there is no big game in the morning that you are worried about, its just the daily score on currency is a must! The earlier the better. So, before you are off to your fresh start of the day with a Margarita, a Virgin Mojito or a breakfast smoothie, you activate your brain cells by keeping tabs on what’s happening in the cryptoverse.

So, next up, you are done with your morning Yoga routine, a small run around town, walked your dog, life is gooood, you have a healthy collagen protein coffee in one hand and your mobile telling you quick updates on who said what within the crypto community. You challenge yourself to complete all crypto headers until yesterday, before you hit the last sip of your extra-healthy coffee.

What a time to be alive in. Once all of the News is covered, you hit Twitter, see what the tweeties are up to. No day is fun day enough without a little scroll into the Twitter wars. You read a few crazy and uninformed, uneducated comments on the idea of cryptos. Barely care to answer them. Mostly because, somebody else already has. You quit the app, close all apps opened and head to the kitchen to grab a quick snack.

This is when you feel your groceries need to be restocked and you have no time to do sh*z, you grab your phone, open the voicemails, as you order your pick of snacks, dairy and staples for your food shelve. The app asks you if you would like to pay in cash or BTC, you pick the obvious and here you go, they will be delivered at your doorstep and you can chill until then.

Then looking through your emails you check out the new stories and analysts forecasting big things on the currency. You research a little, find a suitable deal, use your online wallet to buy some cryptos for usage and investment as per requirement. A little investment everyday hurt nobody right.

It is still mid day and you are watching your pending YouTube videos and catching up on viral things. An ad pop ups to make money in cryptos, you smile and wonder this is what got you here. How cute! Then you continue working.

You are listening to some good rap right now and thinking if your week ahead work wise, your mind is still doing the heavy lifting and you wonder what to do next. In a brief second a pop up appears on your laptop screen telling you to download this dope app that allows you to win cryptos without any investment at all. You open it and bam! It is your new favorite.

It’s evening now and you are dressing up for going out, while you simultaneously complete another level on the game. Your doorbell rings and you close all apps again, including the search engine that you used to search hacks for the app.

Your friend waits for you outside, you grab your Bitcoin cash ATM card, and run for the bar. You are a few drinks down, you are having the time of your life and your mobile screen turns on. Your friend just shared a news story that says that the price of the currency you bought in the morning has doubled.

What a night you wonder, not sure if its the booze in your head or what. Let’s leave it to the next day to find out what’s going on!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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