“If It Wasn’t For ABC, Bitcoin Cash Would Not Have Existed”- Roger Ver

With the Bitcoin Cash hash war over and resulting in an anti-climactic conclusion, it can be seen that both parties in contention, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (SV) and Bitcoin ABC have gone rather cold. After all, all the hype that followed the hard fork and the contentions in place only made people lose confidence in the currency and the space as a whole. Nevertheless, it has been one of the top highlights from crypto 2018 but has seen billions of dollars wiped off the market, along with the wave of pessimism it left behind.

Picking up the pieces, we got on with one of the pick of the pioneers behind Bitcoin ABC, who ended up just short of resources in the fork fight. Roger explained his reasons for teaming up with ABC, and crediting them with the real creation and empowerment of Bitcoin Cash. He was talking to Block Publisher’s exclusive media partner EAK TV. He said:

If it wasn’t for ABC, Bitcoin Cash wouldn’t have existed. It was the ABC team that allowed Bitcoin to continue in the form of Bitcoin Cash and they lead out their road map very clearly to the world with a plan that seems like a very reasonable plan for Bitcoin to scale to be cash for the entire world.

While Bitcoin SV forked their end with majority of the relative success, with the SV coin showing bullish momentum after the fork, Bitcoin ABC has been subject to a plethora of legal issues. Along the same lines, Roger remained coy on his future association to the ABC team. He said:

Just like in 2011 I was promoting the very best cryptocurrency that I thought could bring more economic freedom to the world, today, I am promoting the very best cryptocurrency that I believe has the ability to bring more economic freedom to the world and tomorrow i’ll be doing the exact same thing.

Worth keeping an eye on, Roger.

Roger’s full interview with EAK TV can be found here:

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