If Blockchain Wrote An Auto Biography – Grab Your Beer Now

A short biography of Blockchain tech.

Is the booze ready? Good.

If i could put myself in Blockchain’s shoes, I WOULD NOT. Imagine being the average kid, trying to do okay in classes, trying not to hurt anyone, trying not to cause problems, just kicking pebbles aside ensuring nobody trips or falls over them. The harmless kid. And then BAM! Life changes.

The smooth story line now faces an iconic plot twist. People start expecting so F*cking much from that poor little soul! The kid never signed up for this. The pressure is taking over performance. The speed of words is taking over the speed of actions. Things are happening left, right, center. There is anarchy of opinions and forecasts everywhere.

Sad and dark. Exactly the kind of spot that i do not want to find myself in.

Now imagine the kid is a toddler. Life is changing, people want it to run before it can walk. People want it to grow tall. People want it to look happy all the time. People want it to win contests, beat other competitors in the race and also maintain a healthy diet and immunity system. And the worst of it, people want it to remain active and learn at superspeed with no breaks, sleep intervals or breakdowns.

This is the life of Blockchain. If it were a human being that is.

But, its not and we know it. It is tech and not a living thing, no flesh, no bones, no soul and more importantly no mouth. If blockchain could speak, it would tell us to cut the crap. It would tell us to stop wanting so selfishly and trying to make things happen and learn to wait patiently instead.

We are putting enormous pressure on this kid that can barely walk. This kid that is still developing limbs and learning to breathe, learning to handle anti-bodies that develop in its system. The kid is still exploring its vaccine options. We are trying to yell at a larva to grow out colorful wings right now, right here.

But, nature likes to do things differently. So many human beings on earth, so many brains. They keep colliding, things keep happening, there is chaos everywhere. It takes a lot of time to get things scaled from one user to 20. From one investor to 40. And one critic to 2000. Nature likes to play it slow. With such a vast global population and vast global resource ideas take time to mature, develop and come of age.

The only problem is that we are impatient. Too impatient. No matter how sophisticated our worlds get we are only humans after all.

But, our impatience does not mean that the results we are waiting for will not come, or they can not come. It is all a matter of time and chance. So, what if 400 out of 3982038098328xyz applications do not make it to the end of the race. Its those – that do make it, count.

So, are you setting back on that journey anxiety and planning on to working on your destination goals, instead? Likewise.

Make the right decisions you! Good on ya!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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