IDAX Becomes the Fifth Crypto Exchange to List DasCoin

Those looking to buy DasCoin in the near future have yet another method of doing so, as the cryptocurrency is now listed on IDAX. This marks the fifth public crypto exchange to list DasCoin, helping the Currency of Trust extend its reach and availability to those who are interested.

With a fifth exchange listing DasCoin the cryptocurrency gains further name recognition, allowing more people to learn about the exciting project, what it has already accomplished, and the team’s plans. At the same time, this listing makes it even easier to buy DasCoin using other cryptocurrencies, encouraging new investments.

About IDAX

The decision to work with IDAX for a DasCoin listing makes sense for DasCoin, as it is among the top 50 public cryptocurrency exchanges. The International Digital Asset Exchange is available in four languages and comes from the Global Blockchain Research Centre in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. There are already 40 coins listed on IDAX, with the figure growing as regularly as the platform. IDAX also has a high trading volume, which indicates a strong ability to handle the addition of DasCoin.

The Other Exchanges

In addition to DasCoin’s listing on IDAX, you can already find it on four other cryptocurrency exchanges. The first to welcome DasCoin were CoinFalcon, EUBX, and BTC-Alpha, all of which began listing the coin in April 2018. Then, in early August 2018, DasCoin announced that it would also be listed on CoinBene. In addition to the five public cryptocurrency exchanges that list DasCoin, you can also find it on DasExchange, which is dedicated to buying and selling DASC within the orderbook and is a project of DasCoin.

Many Recent Successes

DasCoin has made many exciting announcements in 2018, with the expanding exchange listings being just one of them. DasCoin is also now on Blockfolio, the leader of crypto portfolio management in terms of applications. With this listing, users are better able to track DasCoin and make decisions regarding it. DasCoin’s blockchain can handle as many as 100,000 transactions each second. Thanks to its use of Graphene technology, the blockchain was able to cut its block time in half in August 2018.

Plans for the Future

DasCoin has not indicated whether IDAX will be the final exchange to list DasCoin for a while or if another listing announcement should be expected. However, the team has indicated that we should expect many new launches before the year is up, including DAS33, Fashion Blockchain and DasRewards.

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