IBM Launches the Long-Awaited Food Tracking Network

IBM has launched a blockchain-based system to make sure that eatables are trackable. In the recent past, Walmart shared hands with IBM to deploy blockchain technology for tracking food items. Now, IBM has launched the network to aid Walmart, for tracking lettuce and spinach, and many other companies for tracking food items. The blockchain-based network, Food Trust was launched after testing of about a year and a half.

Salih Sarikaya, the co-founder of WhatsAround app, a social platform for outdoor enthusiasts to connect with new people and places, editor-in-chief for Smartereum, spoke to BlockPublisher and expressed his views on the impact of the tech giant, IBM, adopting blockchain technology on a large scale. He said:

These steps will absolutely help for blockchain go mainstream.

IBM began planning this blockchain solution for tracking eatables back in 2016. Since then, many companies have joined IBM for deploying food trust in their systems. Some of the famous ones include Nestle SA, Tyson Foods Inc., Walmart, and Unilever NV. Carrefour, a massive French food retailer, has recently joined hands with IBM as well. At the moment, Carrefour is expanded to 33 countries where over 12,000 shops are being operated by the French company. By collaborating with IBM, all the stores operated by Carrefour are expected to shift on blockchain as well. Carrefour is aiming to implement IBM’s food trust network in all of its the stores by the year 2022.

IBM has been very actively participating in adopting blockchain technology. It has been filing numerous blockchain related patents. Recently, IBM was awarded a patent for a blockchain-based security system.

IBM explained that a chain configuration would be used to record all the events in a network. In this way, all the monitors connected to the network could be protected against security breaches and some hacks. With the help of blockchain, detection is immediately done and the monitor that is subjected to a hack is identified. Therefore, with IBM’s blockchain patent vulnerability in a network is minimized.

At the moment, IBM’s patents filed are equal to the number of blockchain patents filed by the Chinese giant Alibaba. The latest development of Food Trust done by IBM shows the company’s devotion and efforts towards blockchain technology.

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