IBM & Columbia University Join Forces to Launch Blockchain Accelerator Programs

IBM seems to be unstoppable when it comes to accepting blockchain tech in all its glory, it would be fair to say that the level that is involved in with this modern day technology is unparalleled. And now IBM is all set to take the blockchain tech into the education sector.

This just in, IBM has struck a partnership with Columbia University and the two are aiming to launch a pair of technology accelerators, in an attempt to further push the development of blockchain. The two partners are part of the Columbia -IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency, which is a joint innovation center, established by the tech giant and U.S. Ivy League School, earlier this summer.

According to the press release both, the IBM Blockchain Accelerator and the Columbia Blockchain Accelerator, will support a total of 10 startups each. They will offer the startups sustenance in the form of, offering a network of business mentors, technical support, access to Columbia’s student talent and “research community,” design assistance, and IBM cloud technology resources as well; in order to help network creators translate and materialize ideas into blockchain enterprises that are both, sustainable and scalable. This will ultimately result in “meaningful enterprise blockchain adoption and drive business efficiencies across industries.”

According to the outlines, the Columbia Blockchain Accelerator will be stretched out in eight weeks and is set to take place in the Big Apple, New York Cit. Moreover, it has specifically been crafted for pre-seed, idea-stage companies, which are holds an affiliation with either, Columbia University or any other NYC-based school.

After that, comes the second eight-week program, that IBM Blockchain Accelerator and as opposed to the Columbia Accelerator Blockchain, it is targeting companies that are significantly farther along in terms od development across the world. The aim behind this accelerator is to help participants in forming connections, a business network and client base, for their blockchain application.

This too will run in NYC, however only partially. Partially it will be held in San Francisco, and partly “in combination with virtual programming” in order to give participants more free time on their hands to dedicate to their business scaling efforts.

Every participant startup on both programs will be provided with around a whooping $400,000 worth of access to technology and services, reportedly. None of the two programs takes any equity or charges a fee for participation.

David Post, the Blockchain Accelerator managing director of IBM, ardently believes that this alliance with the Ivy League institution will prove to be rather fruitful and lucrative for the company and will further supplement early-stage companies with the required technologies and social networks in order to grow their businesses.

The possibilities presented by blockchain technology are seemingly endless, and we are seeing strong dedication by technical talent to build game-changing applications

he further added.

Abeer Anwaar

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