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‘I Will Present How to Build RAM Machine Using Bitcoin (BTC), Later This Year’, Announces Dr. Craig S. Wright

The forker of the bitcoin cash to present bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision), investor, economist, banker and code, Dr. Craig S. Wright rises up the scenes again as he announces a wide application of bitcoins and its entire mechanism. As Dr. Craig state, the process of RAM machines can be translated to the way how bitcoin works. He suggests a relevant book that can guide in attaining the background knowledge over the topic, explaining a little that each transaction in the crypto world acts as a different path which is the key to remember. The control logic can be translated too in terms of bitcoin and the crypto framework as the linked and parallel crypto transactions as well as calls delivered to the script saved onchain. As per Dr. Craig who also is diverting from promoting his forked version of bitcoin, in his latest conversation and seems more hell bent on educating the masses over the new way he has come up with to build up RAM machines. BlockPublisher reached out to the man inquiring him about his devised analogy and the way that can help bring a better understanding the concept of RAM machines as well as build these too.

I will bring out a newer way to build RAM machines which I present later this year. Bitcoin comes our way in an entirely different application that being building RAM machines from it. The cryptos are a gold mine which must be taken full care of in order to extract rewards out of it.

Dr. Craig also comes up with the process that can produce the control logic, this being the most basic unit of computer studies. He explains that the control logic can be built up easily using the ‘series of linked and parallel transactions as well as calls to script saved onchain’ which is awe-inspiring in its own terms.

Control logic can be incorporated into a series of linked and parallel transactions as well as calls to script saved onchain. The result is far more powerful than Ethereum or EOS etc, and not all systems are required to run all code. A subset of miners validates the results of competing nodes. These cannot cheat as the transaction they are paid to is only valid when true. Access chains and Merkle trees can be used in script as code tapes The user has the ability to select the level of assurance they are willing to pay for.

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