Hustle & Earn Cryptos!

If you are looking for some side hustles to make an extra buck to afford that trip to Ibiza with your friends or for that gorgeous dress that is worth your entire salary, then you are on just the right article. Because we have got some ideas to kick start your dreams. However you should know that, your dreams would be fueled by the currency of the future, cryptos!

Crypto Grind

Crypto Grind is your freelance job site with a crypto twist. It gives freelancers the ability to post an unlimited amount of service ads or submit to job posts that already exist. Plus, it is keen on protecting both, the employees and the freelancers, as it is the only site that offers multi-signature escrow services.

Moreover, they have taken one Craigslist’s key feature that is they offer secure and encrypted emails. In addition to that, they also offer a pretty great referral program, you can pretty much earn for literally just referring your friend, because for every new user you refer, you get 2% on every transaction they make through the site! Crypto Grind is sure to make your everyday grind rewarding.


Steemit is perfect for our insta and Facebook generation, because it is a social media site, which actually rewards its users in crypto. You can earn the STEEM crypto token, simply by:

  • Voting on articles by other users
  • Discovering a low-key post before it’s the talks of the (online) town
  • By publishing your very own posts.

Basically Steemi is ready to give you cryptos for creating content and being an active member of the Steemit community, so essentially all the things your school doesn’t pay you for. And you would be happy to know that STEEM is traded on the exchanges so you can cash it out for your traditional dollars.


Ditch-it is bringing garage sale to blockchain, so you can sell unwanted items by putting up classified ads on blockchain and get paid in crypto.

Ditch-it has gone all out with its security measures, with facial recognition software in order to protect both the buyers and sellers. Ditch-it is powered by the cryptocurrency Electroneum and apparently payments can be received in a matter of seconds. So fight that inner hoarder and clear out that closet of unwanted junk that could very well be potential crypto.


Purse comes with a mission to, “Make crypto useful.” It wants to incorporate cryptos in the daily life of people. And they have taken the perfect place to start, Amazon! The way it works is you can use Bitcoins as a buyer to avail discounts up to whooping 45%!

Its not however, only restricted to buyers, you can also sign up as a Purse Merchant and sell items for Bitcoins. By the way the sign up fot Merchants is free and all you have to pay is a meager 5% a month plus a 1% transaction fee.

We hope these crypto hustles get you to sing, “Everyday I’m Hustling!”

Abeer Anwaar

Abeer holds a Bachelors degree in Media studies and covers blockchain startups for BlockPublisher. An optimist, excels in the art of the written word and swears by the joy of all things sweet. Contact the editor at editor.startups@blockpublisher.com

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