Human Beings Are Not Machines

Although these existential crises within us have remained in human beings since time immemorial, going through philosophy excerpts being your attention to the fact that the human civilization was not always this damaged. It is a plague that has solidified over time.

For a few centuries the human race has (now successfully) tried to alter and train itself like a machine.

Humans (many of us) have learned to arrive on time.

Human beings have learned to repeat after their teacher (as an action of discipline).

Human beings have learned to do repetitious tasks reliably (with little or no mistakes, you know there is the occasional typo after all).

Human beings are now better at being machines than machines ever were (ignoring artificial intelligence and other genius inventions for a moment in logic, *even though they still lack in so many ways.’)

We are at a point in time whereby human race must now relearn how to be human again.

I wonder what can help us in this great endeavor? Machines and technology? Perhaps.

Whenever i hear the word dystopia i feel that ick feel that people feel when somebody says moist or pungent. I cringe at the world. It’s because, it is a moist word with too much bacteria and no real meaning and just really sickening weeds on every wall in the house, living next to the fungus on the bed and cooling in mold covered utensils.

This colorful picture that carries so much to it is what is meant by dystopia. So when i am asked if the future i see is dystopic i take a minute to throw up and then i scream ‘what in the fucks world is freaking dystopic’. The future is mean, it is wild, it is content, it is sad, what on earth is dystopic!

Just in case, the future is too highhandedly tech and all the advancement has led to urban plunder and wasteland of machines and electricity everywhere then there are high chances the human beings give up on this sickening life. They go back to the place they came from, farm lands and forests. This is how a new era will begin.

This new era can still be just as relaxing, just as calm if we let smart contacts work their magic and let the great techniques of science and technology work their spells on to people, letting the cities live and the farms function.

The future could be simple and free from all the technological pressure despite automation, despite manufacturing industries and despite modern ways.

Everything can go on working as per routine, as per normality and it can be free off the urban steam. It will be happy and satisfying, painless and rewarding, like never before.

The times we live in are anarchically chaotic, the future is beautiful. It is what you make it. The power to make it all happen as you lay off on a suburban farmland is possible. Hell yeah you do not need employs even. It all can be that efficient! This is the kind of life we want, without alienation, burn outs and dystopic lifestyles.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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