Hugo Nguyen, A Renowned Crypto Analyst Carries On With His Take Over The Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum Discourse, Which The Founder Of Adamant Capital Previously Elaborated Extravagantly

The crypto analyst, Hugo Nguyen jumps into the scene with his own set of statements in continuation to Tuur Demeester’s words for the crypto, ethereum. Demeester is the founder of the Adamant Capital and had some rather critical school of thought as far as ethereum is concerned. In the same fashion, Nguyen offered his point of view over ethereum stating that people often compare it to bitcoin as they are thought of the same generation. Hugo states that bitcoin has been exposed to severity and a prolonged period of rash and sweet experiences which count in as a big up for bitcoin when ethereum is compared with it. The standard bearer is bitcoin which paved the way for ethereum to grow and evolve into entirely a separate concept. BlockPublisher sought to dig into the man’s words extracting some add-ons for what the analyst truly emits out of his words.

Bitcoin has amassed immense experience delivering sacrifices in order to attain a status and the worth to deliver to its users a special experience. This is something no other crypto can take away from bitcoin. People ask my opinion over how ethereum is not architecturally sound coin, well, here is my take over this, over a non-technical debate.

Hugo has put the same-peer thing behind concerning bitcoin and ethereum suggesting that it will be bitcoin who will get the acceptance of the general folks if it ever comes to mainstream adoption. Though ethereum might have something good hidden underneath, the factor that it has mingled with the concept of decentralization, has seriously marred its reputation with the public users.

Hugo also speaks over the topic “verification-not-computation”, which is another route to travel as per our discourse here. Sticking to mere ethereum’s second class architecture leaving the coin far behind any ideal coin, Hugo states that the ethereum system is although based on pure logic, the network can lead to spreading structures which are hard to contain.

Ethereum states are needed purely for computation purposes, but they grow at an unmanageable rate.

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