How XRP and Ethereum are the Pewdiepie and T-Series of Crypto (Except that Crypto’s Pewds doesn’t Win here)

For those following crypto and their charts for a long time now (Pretty much everyone waiting for the bull run) have seen that XRP and Ethereum have been in a continuous fight to claim the throne of the king of Altcoins in terms of market cap. YES, WE KNOW IT’S NOT THE BEST METRIC TO EVALUATE CRYPTOCURRENCIES! But the competition is still on, and with the numbers so close, the only thing that the people are waiting for now is the bull run which might actually put things in perspective and actually put a difference in the numbers. Both the currencies have continuously been trying to one-up each other. Ethereum ruled the altcoins for quite a long period since the beginning, XRP slid into the market threatening the position of Ethereum and made a huge community for itself with the return on investments of people. Ethereum’s community is much more focussed on the value provided by the platform instead of the actual valuation of the token. They’re basically the Pewdiepie and T-series of crypto.

For all the YouTube noobs out there, Pewdiepie is the leading and undoubtedly the best content creator on YouTube. Which explains his following of 85 million. I’ve been following Pewds since before he reached the 50 million mark and I have no regrets whatsoever. Although half of the YouTube community believes that the content created by Felix (That’s his actual name, calm down. You didn’t actually think his name was Pewdiepie right?) is apt for 9-year-olds and the mentally challenged. Joke’s on them, they’re the ones who’re unable to understand the quality of humor and sarcasm which that guy oozes.

It wasn’t very long ago when Pewds realized that there’s an Indian channel, T-Series, catching up to his subscribers to become the biggest channel on YouTube (Yes, T-Series is a company competing with a single person). Since then the war of subscribers is on. He has made a huge community ever since and his numbers have boosted like anything.

src: socialblade

With the numbers this crazy, the battle looks almost unreal. Pewdiepie even made a diss track for T-Series that hit 126 million views. If anything, it’s really catchy!

Pewdiepie’s meme review is famous worldwide. He’s managed to get the attention of almost everyone who matters somehow. Here’s a fun fact, Elon Musk recently tweeted that he might even host meme review with Felix. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Crypto’s battle for the best altcoin seems to be as exciting as the battle of Pewds with T-Series. The only thing to wait for now is the bull run after which the battle might actually be over.

Shehryar Hasan

Performing artist, guitarist and sub-editor at BlockPublisher. Shehryar is an electrical engineer and blockchain enthusiast. He holds investments in bitcoin, ethereum, OST, TRX and Ripple. Email: shehryar@blockpublisher.com or contact the editor at editor.news@blockpublisher.com

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