How To: Steal Some Cryptos

Every now and then we hear about these awesome cryptocurrencies and how people have made a lot of money in them. How the gains are insane and the risk is, well, also insane. What to do when times are so beautifully tough and yet, full of opportunity. Is the risk worth it? Yes. Is it important that everybody has the taste for such risky endeavors? No. So, would you still like to make some money out of it? Maybe. Then here’s you guide to steal some? *wink wink* We love you. Let us tell you all about this. *Insert the ever-so-fitting tongue out emoji*

Stealing cryptos is a tough job. It may take you a few days, months or a year to get into a network and do the job. So, like, are you up for it? Would you be willing to spend the precious and priceless resource of time on this? Well, if you really have made up your mind then, without further ado, let’s jump right on it.

Cryptocurrency is based on blockchain tech. The blockchain technology is actually a very strongly secured system that contains data and is almost tamper proof. So to get into the system and make some coins yours you gotta do one or more of the following:

1. Pull an inside job

Get an insider to become your accomplice in the crime. This will get you the access you need. Then pull off a first class heist into the crypto vault. Not out of the network though, through the wallets. Too bad this is the most closest you will get to the network. And still not their total reserve but the money they have issued already.

2. Get a team of miners to meddle with the proof of work by manipulating transactions

They will have to recalculate the hash of each block. If you know what this means, then you will know it will take them hours or even days to complete the task, Also several computers and manpower. Plus the activity will soon emerge on the network causing activity to halt. And transactions to block. Short lived fun, are you okay with that?

3. Steal a private key or two

Use it like its your own. See a paper wallet hanging around your flat? Let’s see if you can use it to access the money. Easiest ever! Things you will need – 1. A flatmate who has some crypto funds. 2. Uses paper wallets to use these funds. 3. Their careless attitude or unlimited trust.

4. Build a funky software

This will help to steal lots of private keys or to change the link address when people are making payments, this will ensure that you get the payment and not the person that the owner was actually going to pay. The software can work on people with web and desktop wallets.

5. Build a hacking App

This will be targeted at mobile wallet users. Imagine when an innocent crypto owner opens their wallet to spend some money and it is empty. Because your App altered the amount they were sending and the person to your liking. How fun. Build an app that does that. well that’s tricky. It will only work on bad mediocre wallets. And the people who have mediocre wallets might as well have mediocre amounts of money that might not be rewarding enough.

Play footsie with funds. New thing in dating? Almost. You can at least tempt a potential partner who also happens to be a hacker. Cool right? If you have got ten thousand years on your hands after all.

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