How To Keep Your Bitcoins Safe AF

Keep your bitcoins safe Ya’all!

Bitcoin heists seem like a super complex thing to pull off, but they are actually super common. They happen like meteors hit our atmosphere. It is not even surprising for most enthusiasts to come across yet another headline on a big heist, once more. The stolen bitcoin have a poor plight, they can not be retrieved, so if you steal them, there ain’t no chance you will have to return them, unless you got them from a family member and they find out and they are able to squeeze it out of you emotionally.

Well, the first step really is to, not getting caught!

Well you can not blame people for acting out when their beloved bitcoins vanish before their eyes, or when they transfer to another account, or when they buy donuts from a shady website or when they use the cafe internet to check their balance or when they lose their wallet or well, by even sleeping.

So does this mean that once you get a bitcoin in your wallet and you are ready to spend it you neither spend it ever nor sleep? No, it does not, it means that you care for it in the best possible manner, do not forget your logins and try to act cool, no hacker will know that there is money unless you are a flashy person who also happens to be careless.

This also means that you do not spend money on stupid things that seem risky, do not go to horrible domains and scammy-websites and really crass looking motels that may have a repute of online fraud. Keep it safe if you would like to keep it. And that comes with its own risks.

Although the bigger the number of the coins in your wallet the bigger the risk will be for you, in terms of losing it anyway and also by hackers catching interest, smaller wallets hold less funds, while hacking into wallets is a lot of work and the value of bitcoin is a lot, it still may be undesirable and unworthy of the hackers time to steal money in smaller chunks, keeping you safe af!

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