How To Keep Cryptos Safe In Six Steps

So, you have gotten yourself some cryptos and now you are looking at your safety options. There are a lot, but so are the risks to your beloved cryptos. And if you are in your right mind then you would like to keep them safe for long. At least until they serve your need.

How to keep it safe to begin with:

The more you research the more nonsense will prop up. Here is a no-non-sense list for you. We have kept it clean and tidy and sponsor free. So, one stop solution to saving your cryptos? There is none, but you yourself.

1. Use hard ware wallets:

This is a simple one. You get plenty of options to store your cryptos and to spend them, these options are all based on used, ease, convenience and your needs. If you want to up the safety factor then use a cold, hard ware wallet. Hardware wallets are separate hardware units like an external hard drive. The best way to do it is to keep it in your private vault where you like to keep the rest of your important stuff.

2. Don’t forget your key:

There are millions worth of lost bitcoin, so many of those are owed to the lost password like situations, like losing your login id or private key i.e password. Please do not write it in every note book and on your email who’s password fifteen school friends know or in your phone which you lose every ten minutes and ten days altogether. Keep a backup but also keep the backup safe.

3. Have multiple wallets:

This means if you do have an online one, it is okay that you have an offline one too. It is best to use two so in case one irritates you, your switching is smooth and flawless. This will also enable you to transfer your funds right away when you feel your other wallet has been compromised. This is a great tool for the bigger fund reserves.

4. Good password practices:

This means changing and refreshing your password every now and then. You would know this if your serious about your home security, your bank lockers and your electronic safe. If passwords for cryptos could be thumbprint activated, we would have encouraged you. But, even that comes with its dangers, so lets stick with this for now. Doable? Right!

5. Also, Only enter sensitive information over secure Wifi and on HTTPS websites. This means spending must be safe too.

6. Report scams and malicious sites. This will get you good karma.

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