How To Civilize The Human Society?

Blockchain has disrupted every industry we can think of it. Come on try and name one industry that you think it has not touched yet? It is everywhere and in motion to change history and rebuild our conception of life.

It has made internet trust a real life possibility. No jokes there.

You can date online if you lie, you can be banned from the network forever.

You can buy things from China and if they don’t turn out to be what they claimed then you can sure shot shut the seller down.

If a person hired you for services that you have supplied and then said they can not pay you for whatever reason, You can shut them down! Costing them their business.

How is that for consequence? This is not even the tip of it. DAO’s – Decentralized Automated Organisations are possible. This means i will hold my end of the bargain and you are to hold yours, there is no other way out, once a promise has been made. Results? – No frauds, no cheating and no scamming.

Yes, this is the world i would like to sign up for!

If I feel with my twenty other friends that somebody is selling non-vegan food under the name of vegan, i should have the power to shut down their operation forever, twenty people is not even important. One person finds out something fishy, like a writer claiming to be non racist, non homophobic, person, but, his suggestions or life otherwise shows signs of intolerance, That one person should be able to explicitly and effectively tell others that the nonsense that is going on should be curbed. This mechanism is now possible.

It is set to change classrooms and education systems.

This means no more-too-objective and numeric to represent human beings adequately – quantifiable success measures, no mediocre grading systems!

There was no correct and absolutely perfect way to quantify the performance and the true intelligence or merit of a child, before blockchain arose as a way towards it. No way! It is all crap they tell you. Blockchain tech can help creating better and more detailed reports on the child’s development and status at more relevant subject areas like emotional intelligence and creativity.

It also means better real-life training is possible, that beats current school systems.

Vocational training and Personalized Mentorship, who is not sold! Nobody! We need to pay attention to the tiny brains that are nothing but impressionable creative energy blobs. They need to be refined and groomed in a way to create wholesome and sophisticated geniuses and this is just what they need.

Next, imagine a YouTuber claiming to be feminist and supplying dating advice that is only a repackaging of old patriarchal ideas, imagine the power of you being able to stop it. If find out imposter businesses on a blockchain based network, claiming to be something they are not, people can shut it down. If we are on the pursuit for love and equality for all, our engines can not be compromised  and borrowed from the parties we are waging war on.

You ask why this is important? Well, If we want the world to see what we are seeing, we cannot offer them muddy binoculars that shows them a version of truth that they are already seeing. We need our own systems, of truth and validation. The ones that encompass true values of who we are and what we want. Blockchain tech is the answer to it.

And especially when the traditional internet regulation has failed us.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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