How to be the Biggest Drug Lord in Town

Let’s straighten some shi*t out! Illegal trading of drugs can get you in jail. If you’re willing to see the world from behind the bars, then go ahead. We won’t stop you! Your life, your rules. Or you can grab a brownie and listen to us for a minute, because we’ve got the perfect recipe to get some (maybe A LOT) of money rolling selling drugs using the awesome blockchain technology.

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We can’t help but notice, how like the many other technologies in the world there is an intimate history between blockchain and crime. Danger and risks are the two prices of this new disruptive technology. In the end, the drug world is all about living on the edge!

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But, wait up! It’s the go-to technology for the people over the dark web because it’s safe as hell! And we sure as hell know, people over the dark web are geniuses and if cryptocurrency is what they use for transactions, there has to be something about it. No?

At this point, you might be wondering what’s all this babbling and why don’t we just get to the point. Well, you’re right. Let’s cut to the chase! It’s time be the biggest D-lord in town!

Don’t Get Caught Silly

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First things first, everything works out super smoothly in the drug-world. Well, that might be an exaggeration. But, its all about being extra careful and not get caught by the authorities. All the drug-lord dreams to buy helicopters from the CIA, swim in pools in the shape of Indian gods and to raise small armies in the South American countries will go down the drain.

So, how can you net get caught? The drug-world is some risky businesss with the authorities on your tail 24/7. The answer is simple and clear. Sell all the good stuff in cryptocurrency. It’s not regulated by the banks or the government, and it’s super difficult to relate anyone’s real identity. But, whats even more better? No one can take your crypto from you even if you get caught because its all in computers. It’s a win-win baby!

Be the One with the Coke and Brains

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The drug-world is no place to laze around and hope for things to work out. It’s serious and dangerous. But, that’s why the blockchain technology is the best bet to make things run more smoothly than ever. Also, all those people who are always up for freebies and disappear at the last minute? They don’t stand a single chance.

What’s the catch? Data on the blockchain is stored in a decentralized manner. The data is available in real-time and the supply chain is not open to any manipulation. You can track your dragon at all points on the supply chain. You’ll know if someone is trying to dab your chocolate rock.

Be Best Friends with Monero

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Cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain technology, we all know that. Just stating the obvious just to be sure. Most cryptocurrencies have an publicly open ledger. So, what does that really mean? You can’t just use any cryptocurrency for transactions because the privacy is limited. All the spies, yes we mean the government agencies and other interested parties have their own way to analyze public blockchains. Which means, you’re screwed!

That’s why Monero (XMR) is your best friend in the drug-world. It’s a privacy focused crypto. It’s not surprising XMR is the accepted form of payment on the dark web markets. It’s because it takes it privacy seriously and there is anonymity possible. It’s portable and you don’t need to carry those big silver suitcases chained to a henchperson.

So, now you know! Remember to extra careful silly! But, if all hell breaks loose, no need to worry all the transactions are untraceable. You’re welcome!


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