How To Be A Smart Satoshi Dice Player

Players can bet in one of the newest ways and that is through using multiple addresses at once. Now this takes this dice a step ahead and the game is made much more complex by this. This is done seamlessly as the pay out time remains ultra fast.

Basically, the players place a bet according to the amount they want to win, then a clever betting slider system kicks in. The game is automated in a provably fair way and thus all the other sliders will automatically adjust according to the winning goals set by the player.

So to start the player, or you can place a bet by sending bitcoins to one of the addresses listed in the bet options table. SatoshiDice sees this, evaluates win or lose and generates a return transaction. If you win, your bet is multiplied by the prize multiplier and that amount is sent back.

Then all the outcomes or possibilities are independently verified and completely randomized. Making it an honest win or lose for the player relying solely on the players math and the games math mingling.

Then the possibilities or outcomes are authenticated by the blockchain-reliant system.

You can choose the number and this means that you are telling Satoshi Dice how much money you want to make, because your spoils or winnings will be a product of a multiplier between this money an d the multiplier.

So to win, one must be creative and must strategically think that if you select a very low number within the range between 1 and 65,536, then the payout will be higher because the chances of the result landing within the winning range are slimmer, so you will have to manage this number in sync with the dice’s outcome and make sure than you win big.

The speed of the transactions is fast and almost unmatched, this is due to the direct interaction between addresses, which is how the bets are programmed on Satoshi Dice.

Every time a player places a bet, even if it is done through the web-based interface, the transactions are automated according to the outcome. The bet funds will leave the player’s address once that player places a bet, and they will go back in together with an additional amount, automatically when and if the player wins. This ensures that no body defaults the system or plays an empty bluff like in a regular casino.

Happy playing!

Khunsha Javed

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