How Marie Kondo Could Help “Declutter” The Cryptoworld And Make It A Better Place

Ever since her Netflix show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo became available in January, the Japanese art of de-cluttering and cleaning up has taken the world by storm!And we are not surprised!

Human beings have always wanted to be in control of their lives or in most cases pretend that they have some semblance of having it together in their lives! Decluttering or reorganizing your home or office space often seems like the best way to start that journey.

Similarly, we feel that Miss Kondo’s philosophy could do the world of Blockchain and Crypto a lot of good! Here are several bad eggs in the crypto industry that definitely do NOT spark joy and can be done away with!

Exit Scams

An exit scam is one of the worst realities of the crypto world with fake cryptocurrency promoters luring unsuspecting investors in with a good concept, only to  vanish with all the money after an ICO. The world of Blockchain is already misunderstood and exit scammers do literally no good to this uncertain reputation.

Over-hyped crypto ventures

The worst kind of clutter is the kind that only adds to the confusion of the complexities of Blockchain technology. The expected boom in publicity that cryptocurrencies receive due to exaggerated claims mostly turn up to be of little substance. More often than not, the bark is worse than the bite and investors are tempted in by the grandeur of the advertising only to realize that the product itself isn’t as enticing or as profitable.

Spreaders of FUD


These episodic naysayers obviously never understood the concept of how a market functions and grows. Experiencing a dip in their stocks is the end of the world for them and convincing the rest of the world of the dangers of investing in cryptocurrency is their favorite pastime. To see an end to this fear, uncertainty and doubt would undoubtedly spark much joy!

Fake Coins And Wallets


Ever since investing in cryptocurrency became really profitable a lot of fake wallets and coin offers have popped up with many even being readily available on the play store. These attract users with claims of offering your control of your funds but may end up cleaning out your wallet instead.

The world of Blockchains and Alt-coins isn’t all bad and although it may be difficult to separate fact from fiction sometimes, de-cluttering and understanding this unique world isn’t that hard!


Komal Zaheer

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