How is Spells of Genesis Different?

The card collecting game and warfare story-line of the Spells of Genesis involve interesting plots and calls for immediate attention. This game is inspired by the trendy blockchain collectible games like crypto kitties and others. The twist here lies in graphics and the great mobile app that comes to support it.

The game features a deck collection and strategy, along with arcade-style gaming aspects. The game is based on blockchain technology, which gives the diversity, authenticity and the uniqueness of the app to it.

Users can do a lot of things with their cards other than playing and making armies, they can collect and trade them for a profit. They can combine orbs to build the strongest decks, they can compare their decks and put them to the test against various opponents while exploring the fantasy realm of Askian. The story-line thickens as users keep playing.

The battle system is unique and the assets exist outside the game as well, making it the first true blockchain game.
The graphics are particularly deceptive once you look at the website, i was shocked by how much better they were in the app as compared to the website. However, to be fair i did spend a quick glance at the website before diving in to the game directly. Maybe exploration would have amazed me more.
The load time for the website was a little bit more than the load time of the app. But, it could be my connection, however this means that they need to work on the weight and the content of the website to reduce the time taken to open.
So back to the game concept, people can collect cards. Each card has different skill-set, level, character and thus each card is unique by the virtue of being blockchain based. These cards can not be replicated or copied. The only way to have someones card is through trade meaning by purchasing or exchanging it. Also, the trade or exchange with other players and collectors creates social activity. Good cards can be combined to build a team and also test the team’s abilities over time and your strategic skills in battles!
You can start or play free now. Unlike many crypto or token based games you do not need to pay a premium or buy in the way to the game. The game starts free. There is an innovative In-Game Economy however, this lets users to buy the scarce items and build their own.

Players own their game items and cards not only in the game world but also outside the game, on the blockchain. This allows a full ownership of the assets. Players are free to own and transfer it.

Unlike other games that are just ways to make people buy really useless tokens in fancy ways. An owned game item, can be played it in Spells of Genesis, or even find alternative used in other games that support it, like it should be. We love this one because of it! Yay to the future!

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