How Hshare (HSR) Works & Its Applications

Blockchain is changing our way of interaction with the modern technology. Today, more companies are incorporating blockchain technology to improve on efficiency while still cutting down on costs. However, in the case of micro payments processing, there is still a big challenge. This is the reason why some of the experts are opting for the block-less technologies like IOTA’s Tangle. As much as this might seem like a solution, some of the vital features like smart contracts and low transactions costs are missing in block-less technology.

This is where the Hshare (HSR) with the strong technological points of both, comes in. Hshare improves on the weaknesses depicted by the block-less chains by coming up with a crypto coin that can serve the society right. The technological superiority as well as the many virtual applications in Hshare makes it out stand among other crypto coins. This makes it a very strong coin in the market.

With the brief introduction on Hshare, the rest of the article will be aimed at discussing the history and founders of Hshare, how Hshare works, market performance, wallets as well exchanges. This is to enhance your understanding on Hshare.

History and Founders of Hshare

The team behind the innovation of Hshare is based in Australia and China. The members of the team include:

  • Khal Achkar – CTO
  • Dallas Brooks – CEO
  • Andrew Wasylewics – Business Development Manager

This team has paid partnership with Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Monash University in Australia and Shangai Jiao Tong University to bring life to this project. In November 2017, Hshare had a market Cap of $750 million. The amount in circulation goes up to $42 million out of the total $84 million. The quality of Hshare is $17 USD per every Hshare.

What is Hshare

Hshare is a decentralized open source platform that holds the Hshare cryptocurrency. The HSR cryptocurrency is used as the token for this platform. This platform was designed to be a side-chain for those block based and block-less systems of the blockchains. In addition to that, it is used as a value and carrier for information between different ecosystems of the blockchain.

This being the case, Hshare is a new cryptocurrency which is designed to allow transfer of money within the blockchains as well as between the block-less crypto currencies. This innovation has taken the world of cryptocurrency by surprise since it is a hybrid of both systems.

How Hshare Works

Hshare is designed to support and create cross-blockchain transactions making it easier to transfer values from the crypto currencies which are not based on blockchain systems. It tries to present the cross-chain compatibility simply by working as the side-chain for this blockchain and the cryptocurrencies found off the blockchain.

Hshare provides concurrent networks; one being based on the blockchain and the other based on the non-blockchains. The networks are supposed to prove the interoperable addresses with the common cryptos. This way, you can receive or even send multiple currencies through a single Hcash Wallet. When forming the side-chains for the other cryptocurrencies, privacy restrictions are implemented in order to facilitate even the transactions carried out between privacy centered coins.

Hshare works under the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations governance which is used to determine funds used in the dynamic system of voting. This is what provides the Hcash community with the necessary continued vitality.

Applications of Hshare

Ultra Cryptocurrency – Hshare is the bridge between blockchain and block-less cryptos and systems. Due to this fact, Hshare is one of the most strategic coins in the crypto market. This is because as the demand and values of both blockchain and block-less cryptos rises, it’s likely that the value of the connecting crypto will increase too. This dictates the value-ability of the Hcash crypto that is bound to grow with the flourishing market growth of cryptocurrencies.

Future of Internet of Things – Machines are becoming more connected and smarter. This being the case, the IoT coins are likely to have a steady growth too. This means that a coin that implements both the Tangle and blockchain technologies has a great potential in the crypto world. The highly secure and super efficient coin will definitely take the IoT to a whole new level. Hshare has all it needs to revolutionize a new phase of IoT growth.

Financial Technology – This kind of technology involves making the transactions faster, secure and more efficient. Hshare is just the perfect crypto that will achieve this better than any other crypto in the market. Being a hybrid crypto of the block-less and blockchain technologies, it happens to be more efficient than the existing systems in the financial market. In addition, the quantum resistance means that its systems can never be hacked. Hshare provides the perfect security measures needed in the finance sectors. Soon enough the Hshare will be a dominant player of financial sectors.

Artificial intelligence and big data potential – This means that production costs will be way cheaper while the predicting solutions to certain problems will be more effective. Hshare provides just the right platform for merging artificial intelligence technology and big data. Its fast and secure nature will help it solve problems regarding manipulation of data like data analysis.

Hshare Wallets and Exchanges

For safe keeping of your Hshare coins, you need to create a Hshare wallet. To start with, secure it with a password. You can then purchase Ethereum coins which you can exchange with Hshare. If you are looking for exchange platforms to purchase Hshare, you will have to purchase another crypto coin so that you can exchange it with the Hshare coin.

Just like most of the new cryptocurrencies Hcash has a promising vision towards the future of blockchains. Its main aim is to bring in a new standard value. This is because it allows interconnection between platforms which enhances faster transfers. We are hoping that Hcash has a lot in store for the future.

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