Blockchain Startups are Changing how Millennials Date

Everyone has heard of dating apps. Your  best friends encourage you to go on dates when you’ve been single for too long and by meeting someone online seems the only option you can resort to. It can be scary and overwhelming! But, this is how it goes nowadays, right? It has become the default strategy for locating dates for all ages. Yes, even the older generation. Surprising, isn’t it? But we can’t blame them. Everyone is a hopeless romantic at heart.

Dating, Lies and Deception

Tinder and its contemporaries have taken over the old dating websites, although most of the other thing remain the same. It’s necessary to create an interesting  and appealing profile, to find the love of your life or even hookup. The industry is blooming with millions of new users joining dating websites like Tinder and Bumble. Honestly, the trend of online dating gives everyone a little edge to be what they want and how they want others to perceive them. Some people might even go to great lengths of lying or exaggeration.

That’s definitely, not cool people! While the industry is never like it has been before, Blockchain is being introduced by new startups, startups are building on an already popular foundation to produce an even better experience for all its users.


If you are wondering, how? With dating site comes a major problem, of transparency. What if you’re a serial killer, just kidding! Maybe, slightly. While, in the real world, it’s not easy to be dishonest to the other person about your real identity.  But, most online dating apps expect you to blindly trust the person behind the other screen.

The truth? You are left with no other option.Then there comes the issue where there is a lack of an incentive to be transparent, deliberately. How do we deal with that, seriously?

Most people try to find as many matches as possible. Now it is less likely that your match has posted an accurate photo or a description of themselves, because some people are afraid to not find a match at all and believe being honest can affect their dating opportunities. What have we come to?

As bad as this sounds, most people are dishonest and can manipulate you, which is why the app has made attempts to punish the user, but there is no real mechanism to actually prevent the problem. This is why the cutting-edge blockchain technology is going to solve all your problems. So, just stop with the worry.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is built on full transparency which is why it will play a huge role in verifying the user’s identities while maintaining the option of privacy, Companies like Viola and Hicky are both implemented blockchain solutions. Users can freely share information which will remain anonymous but identities are easier to validate on a chain. This lets the user avoid all sorts of frauds and no one can be deceived. 

Match Made in Heaven?

Want a perfect match? Tired of swiping the same people again and again? We  have got something for you. The issue, in this case, is the lack of incentive for helping others to find a match. In the online world there are often awkward interactions, failed matches, and frustration by users who are unable to find a partner this way.

Blockchain startup Ponder is an app adding a twist to the regular dating sites by allowing users to participate simply as matchmakers. This way you can connect to your perfect match, well almost perfect. Don’t want your hopes to get too high! Try your luck. You might just get lucky. If you never try you never know.

Maira Zaheer

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