How Blockchain Changing Netflix And Chill

The world is constantly changing, with or without us knowing. The more we know, the less it is. So blockchain technology took matters in its own hands to give people a tool that would help distill the waters and to bring out a change for those who are trying to by promoting a basic idea of internet trust insurance. If you and i trust the technology, things could happen between us, no need to involve third parties, involve in illicit behavior and wait for a big tech or biz giant to come save us and give us what we want. The whole meaning of the internet has changed.

This is happening on very small scales and it is shaping something we all obsess with, and that is the entertainment industry including places like Netflix, Stock photos and footage and real life concerts and movies.

Here are a few examples to tickle your fancy:

Sellers and Fans, closer than ever!

BitTicket is a blockchain ticket delivery service used to secure tickets between sellers and fans. BitTicket uses blockchain tech to deploy smart contracts, because why not. This happens between sellers and buyers, to ensure tickets cannot be mass purchased by ticket touts and bots. The transparency and immutability of the blockchain lets them track tickets after sale, to guarantee customers their tickets are authentic. This is kind of protect that the industry needs.

No Ticket Fraud, No Black Market

The Guaranteed Unique Ticketing System (GUTS) hopes to lead a revolution in the ticketing industry by making it impossible to re-sell tickets illegally or at a higher price. The startup has already sold more than 10,000 tickets for 50 events in the last year, and is projected to sell over 1 million tickets in 2019. These are some big stats but, considering this is how startups work, we can trust it to become a huge hit worldwide quite soon!

Fair Money To The Artist

Blockchain is also trying to ensure fair payment to artists. There are a number of startups looking into it, but our favorite RN is Peertracks. They do so by using blockchain to let artists sell their music to fans directly, removing the need for a record label, subscription fees or advertisements. This is the kind of world changing decentralization that we need.

Ownership and Control Reinstated, Re-imagined

Jaak is a blockchain platform supporting the music and media industries in collaborating on a global view of content and ownership rights. It will focus on simplifying content licensing on the web. There moto is ‘making content smarter’, and in the bottom-less vortex of ideas that every social media place is becoming these days, this is a great idea!

Kodak, Clicking Buttons and Doing The Rest

Kodak, started off with ”You Press the Button, We Do the Rest”, and look where it is now. Kodak One (yes, that Kodak) is an image rights management platform, offering a blockchain solution that offers to protect, distribute and license photographs. This can curtail the increase in copyright infringement and falling licensing fees that negatively impact the photography profession. The idea allows photographers to track their work’s ownership, rights and license transactions within one common marketplace. Just like CryptoKitties. The platform has held an ICO, and the launch is planned for June 2019. The great thing about this is that previously blockchain technology was unable to successfully secure images, and thus in any games offered by blockchain graphics were at a loss, risk and now it is all going to change.

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