How A Meme Became A Crypto Coin!

Cryptocurrencies are the most incredibly famous technologies circulating the cyberspace these days. While, most cryptos hit the market with a very ordinary tale. There is one crypto which has a rather extraordinary tale to tell.

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It’s a crypto built for a generation who were blinded by the idea of crypto coins and its value in the market. Dogecoin was built for a reason, to end the madness of cryptocurrencies. The coin promoted the idea that sharing and tipping is more fun, while the other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin has profit making as their main focus.

Meme Into A Cryptocurreny

Jackson Palmer, an Australian crypto-investor who was curious about this digital currency was rather amazed to see the competition and serious atmosphere in the crypto-verse.

If you didn’t know, Shiba Inu dog meme became popular back in 2013. Palmer thought it would be fun to mock the seriousness revolving around the crypto-verse. He simply sarcastically tweeted how “Dogecoin” would be the next best and famous crypto in the market.

The internet is an unpredictable place, you can become a star overnight. That night Dogecoin was the star of the crypto-world. Surprisingly it caught the attention of many crypto-enthusiasts. Many caught on the joke with Palmer and pushed him to take it seriously to give the crypto-world an exciting and less serious altcoin.

The Story Goes On

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Palmer critically reflected on the request to create an altcoin by the name of Dogecoin. A man named Bill Markus from Colorado, United State found out about Dogecoin. He realized how Palmer’s creation was a reflection of his own mindset.

Markus in a matter of days had everything handled and convinced Palmer to get on with him on the Dogecoin bandwagon. Dogecoin was brought to life to express love and sharing among the community members who love using cryptocurrency over fiat currencies.

A Dogecoin Success

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Surprisingly, Dogecoin became more prominent that it was thought of. The price of Dogecoin has reached $0.0173 which is an all time high for Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is a coin which many crypto-enthusiast cut their teeth into for fun. This meme coin has done some good by raising funds for big projects such as by making wells in the Kenyan river basin Tana. $11,000 (14,000,000 Dogecoins) was raised. The ethos of Dogecoin is fun, sharing and care, the crypto-community is perpetuating it with every share and tip.


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Sure, Dogecoin is used for buying for services and good (such as Bitcoin.) However, its also being used a currency for generously tipping content creators on the internet.

Even though, there are other cryptos that have the same ethos. But, Dogecoin has succeeded much more and has a very loyal and supportive community.

So, what are your thoughts on Dogecoin? Do you think the crypto-communitt needs more coins which have a different ethos in mind?

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