How A Blockchain Based Project Is Helping Content Creators Regain Autonomy Over Their Work

Despite what the haters and naysayers say, you cannot beat blockchain technology’s unmatched ability to give the power back to it’s users. Content creation and streaming apps like YouTube are undoubtedly big players in this game and are huge money making businesses.

However, unfortunately, it is those who create the content that are usually at a disadvantage due to middlemen taking out their cuts. Now, all of that is about to change if blockchain based project ContentsDeal has anything to do with it.

As per it’s official website, it is a,

“Blockchain platform where content creators and users can distribute and trade unique, exclusive contents. ContentsDeal quickly provides limited edition contents with exclusive access. ContentsDeal simplifies the complicated distribution structure, ensuring profitability to copyright holders (content creators & artists) and distributors while using blockchain encryption to secure payment, membership, and transaction information.”

What’s even more interesting is that whatever the user, blockchain encryption is accessible and available to all to ensure that information regarding payments, transactions and memberships are safe and secure on the platform.

Not only does the platform allow content creators and contributors to engage with a transparent and safe environment for all but it also ensures that each creator’s rights are protected.

Another surprising benefit for the Singapore based platform is that it not only benefits the creators by ensuring they get fair compensation for their content but also attracts an audience that is always looking for something unique and different. Nothing about ContentsDeal is orthodox or exploitative and with consumer demand for more transparent and ethical content creation, the platform is at an obvious advantage in an otherwise monotonous market.

This edge also ensures that customers have the utmost trust on the platform and all the services that it provides. Copyrights and their violations is a huge problem in the digital entertainment industry, with piracy and torrents becoming a whole industry in their own rights. This means that most artists have little or no control over the sale or distribution of their hard work. However, that’s where platforms such as ContentsDeal comes in to save the day.

This catchy video also encapsulates the company’s entire mission;

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