Horizen Gets Listed on the Anypay Platform

Horizen, formerly known as ZenCash, yesterday announced of its listing on the Anypay platform for the U.S. to provide ZEN usability services to the crypto space. The AnyPay platform is a digital payment platform which employs a Point-Of-Sale software that is used by over 200 retailers in the U.S.

The partnership was announced on Horizen’s official Twitter feed in a post that read:

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with @Anypay_ . Starting today, over 200 merchants in the US will accept $ZEN as payment.

Horizen’s listing on the Anypay platform enables its ZEN token to be accepted as a form of payment across all Anypay locations. The clientage that will be able to access ZEN on the Anypay network ranges from yoga, studios, juics bars, restaurants to clothing stores and theaters.

Anypay services can be accessed online for long distance payments across its denominations in 168 different fiat currencies and are enabled as a utility to make payments in digital form for several daily life situations. Such partnership envisions the concept pursued by Anypay’s founder Steven Zeller, who is an entrepreneur and software developer. He welcomed the partnership with the Horizen network and shared his keenness to promote crypto space all over the world to increase prosperity and wealth for everyone.

Steven was one of the lead engineers that developed Ripple’s first peer-to-peer banking software applications and across the years, he has set up hundreds of businesses and people with Bitcoin wallets and taught them the usage of cryptocurrencies.

Horizen is the recent re-branded version of ZenCash, as it has been famously known. The network was improved with software features such as node tracking software upgrade in moving from ZenCash to Horizen. Among software developments, it has recently released its upgrade Zen 2.0.15. Moreover, it has also partnered with Netcoins to enable ZEN purchase and sale to the mass consumer across its 21,000 retail locations.

The official blog post made by the platform regarding this development can be found here.

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